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Oceanside mayor confirms wave pool location

From a massive drive-in movie complex to a community space to huck your wares and finds, a prime piece of Oceanside real estate is being courted as California’s next wave pool site.

The patch of concrete and scrub is the former space of a popular swap meet. The area around it is a mix of luxury homes, malls and big-name surfboard brands Linden, Chemistry and Pyzel.

Rumored for several years as the site of the San Diego Chargers stadium, the proposed location spans 90 acres. For reference, one acre is roughly a football field (or soccer pitch) in size. Of that expanse, 35 acres are planned for the Zephyr Partners development.

The project will include housing, businesses and 20 acres of open space, according to an article in the San Diego Reader. Zephyr will present its plans to the city of Oceanside on June 13.

The Zephyr company has not identified a wave pool technology for the project. Although many have suggested Wavegarden Cove tech will be used. This could be in part because it’s the only proven technology at the moment that can be scaled up or down in size to fit a project’s needs.

American Wave Machines tech, like at Waco, is smaller than the wave pool proposed for the Oceanside location. It’s not known whether AMW can scale projects up or down to size. However, the company’s headquarters is a short drive away from the proposed surf park, so it would be convenient. Currently, all Wavegarden projects import engineers from Spain to supervise each and every wave pool build.

Zephyr buildsr projects throughout San Diego and Orange Counties. These include multi-acre resorts, townhouses and homes.

This would be the company’s first wave pool project.

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