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WavePoolMag is run by veteran surf journalists and industry personnel. With nearly two decades of surf-specific media experience, the staff at WavePoolMag provide insightful, entertaining and useful information on all things wave-pool related. Is there something you’d like to see on WavePoolMag? Have a story idea? Reach out to us at editor@wavepoolmag.com

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Partnerships with WavePoolMag guarantee visibility across our platforms. As the wave pool narrative threads across the globe with each new season, session and emerging technology, ensure that your brand is synonymous with the stoke of wave pool surfing. With an estimated 30 pools set to open in the next 24 months globally, wave pool surfing will see hardcore surfers, inland newbies and the curious flock to surf in a wave pool. Busy professionals will schedule a few hours per week at their local while families will book weekend learn-to-surf camps and world travelers will map out their next trip from wave pool-to-wave pool. Make your brand part of this unfolding story.