Adaptive surfing & surf therapy progress spikes

Adaptive surfing and surf therapy programs are gaining momentum in the world’s wave pools. Last Spring WavePoolMag spoke with Adaptive Surf Champion Mark ‘Mono’ Stewart. He said that the whole mojo behind the adaptive surf tour goes beyond the gloss of a corporate blanket. Instead, the system is supported by smaller groups like Ampsurf, Stance and the ISA. The tour’s main aim is to get people with similar adaptive challenges back into the water or into surfing for the first time. And this is where wave pools come in. Pools help at the surf-entry level. People feel safe in a controlled environment. As Mono puts it, “The hardest thing after losing a limb is that fear. The ocean is such a big playing field. It’s easier to get someone surfing in a wave pool and then get them into the ocean. The ocean is such a healing place. And wave … Continue reading Adaptive surfing & surf therapy progress spikes