Brazilian wave pool doubles Texas PerfectSwell size

American Wave Machines today announced a new development called Boa Vista near Sao Paulo, Brazil. The new project with partners JHSF will cover 370 acres and include the world’s largest American Wave Machines wave pool. Currently, the pool at BSR in Waco offers 120-160 waves per hour for 8-10 second rides. While this new pool design looks very different, the thought of longer barrels is hugely appealing. Assuming the rendering artists got it right, the waves in this PerfectSwell move away from a central wall as opposed to parallel to the wall like in Waco. This design would mean the new, more substantial PerfectSwell technology pushes out waves through its pneumatic system along a far-end wall, sending waves directly shoreward. A similar visualization is Tom Lochtefeld’s Surf Loch work in Palm Springs. Waco’s smaller, indoor sister facility in New Jersey might be using a very similar AWM design to Brazil, … Continue reading Brazilian wave pool doubles Texas PerfectSwell size