Coral Mountain meets resistance from neighbors

As the Coral Mountain Resort private development and its associated wave pool in La Quinta, Coachella Valley, California comes closer to reality, local opposition arises. While wave pool developers have their wave heights, length of ride, frequency of swells, and hollowness, all dialed into their pools plans, there’s one aspect, a simpler choice, which can cause everything to grind to a halt. The resident community can band together in support or opposition. Now I’d wager that most surfers wouldn’t say no to having a wave pool session, but would you want one in your neighborhood? Concern and resistance to new building projects are universal. Sometimes all parties are happy with proposals and plans are passed at warp speed. Other times it’s a full-blown blockade involving chains, padlocks, superglue and a vast number of drums and dancing mascots. But when it comes to private golf communities protesting against a planned private … Continue reading Coral Mountain meets resistance from neighbors