England welcomes latest wave pool plan

The Dorset wave pool is part of a development project by W H White called the Brocks Pine which would sit in the heart of Avon Heath Country Park and use Wavegarden Cove technology A new wave pool proposal is being pitched in Dorset, England just north of Bournemouth International Airport. The current plan is to build a Wavegarden Cove at Avon Heath Country Park. Developers W H White want to add the Brocks Pine project to the area which is popular for local recreation use as it hosts several walking trails, a playground and educational nature center. Should the project get the green light, the wave pool would update the structures and be constructed on land at the southeast of A31 Ringwood Road. The project could be perfect in its timing as agriculture was traditionally the major industry of Dorset but has waned in recent years while the tourism … Continue reading England welcomes latest wave pool plan