The definitive guide to choosing your first wetsuit

WavePoolMag Basics is an ongoing series providing essential surf gear information for those surfers new to the pool. Whether you’re learning in a wave pool or in the ocean or (hopefully) both, if you are a novice surfer who is committing to the sport, you’ve realized that it’s time to invest in a wetsuit. Those ragged rental suits just aren’t cutting it anymore. Making sure your body is adequately warm is crucial for a surf session. Being too cold will not only cut your sessions short, but it will make surfing cause more suffering than pleasure. But there are so many options: Styles, thickness, zipper placement, and price range. How do you choose? Let’s dive into it step by step to make sure you are keeping warm in the ocean and/or wave pool. STYLE Wetsuits come in various styles depending on the temperature of where they are used. Some wetsuits … Continue reading The definitive guide to choosing your first wetsuit