Backstory: The how-and-the-why of the Ka’ana Wave Co

It’s the backstory of bringing new technology to see the light of day that makes the wave pool space so interesting. Throwing rocks in a pond inspired Aaron Trevis to build the giant plunger in Yeppoon while Greg Webber’s fire was lit by watching boat wakes reel down a riverbank. In a follow-up to our initial conversation with bathymetry agnostic wavemakers Ka’ana Wave Co last month (which you can read here) we now dig a little deeper into the How-and-Why of this new wave-making technology. Tell us how you got the name Ka’ana Wave Co.Ka’ana means “to share”. The word is Hawaiian and like many Hawaiian words, can be interpreted in slightly different ways. From the beginning, our mission has been to make surfing more accessible. The idea of sharing this incredible experience is our guiding light, so Ka’ana Wave Co. seemed like the perfect name. Creating a legit wave … Continue reading Backstory: The how-and-the-why of the Ka’ana Wave Co