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New app offers complete information on the world’s growing list of 77 wave pool projects

WavePoolMag launches an interactive global wave pool map with detailed information on every human-made surf-specific wave on the planet.  Working with app developers Nown, WavePoolMag applied the same dedication used to build the Wave Pool Surf Planner to create an app program that’s fun, unique and super informative.

“I have been a big fan of their Surf Planner for some time to keep updated on all the wave pool developments around the world,” said Sarah Beardmore, Cofounder of Nown. “There are 77 wave pools on the map to explore, and this list is only growing. I love the fact that anyone can now go straight to the source for timely updates while supporting the digital wave pool community at ground zero.”

Purchase the app here for $1.99 US

The wave pool landscape is evolving quickly, and with the WavePoolMag app, users can keep up to date on the world’s open, upcoming and planned wave pools without having to go to the WavePoolMag website. The app map is downloadable and it can be used without an internet connection or siphoning data.

The includes more images than the Surf Planner and features a filter option to find a pool with, say, adaptive surfing capabilities or hot tubs. Beginner waves, advanced waves, photographers, surf shops, private sessions, lessons and more are also popular filters. The app lets users bookmark a stash of their favorites to monitor as the pools go from the planning board to pumping out waves. A global crew of wave poolers provides exclusive notes and insights.

The WavePoolMag app is priced at $1.99 and is continuously updated by both WavePoolMag, and Nown.

“Our Surf Planner is super popular, and we wanted to offer this same information in a fast, friendly and mobile environment,” said Bryan Dickerson Editor and Publisher of WavePoolMag. “You can still access the web version of our Surf Planner, and nothing will change in that regard – it’s still free. The app has a few more pluses visually, and a bit more information than the Surf Planner, but it is more convenient for a lot of users.”

You can purchase the WavePoolMag app for iOS devices at the cost of $1.99 US right here on iTunes.

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