Status Report: Europe’s upcoming wave pool boom

Detailed account for all upcoming wave pool projects in Europe Europe is teetering on the verge of becoming the wave pool center of the world. Why? The cradle of western culture has more pools planned than any other zone in the world. Perhaps it’s due to a culture that embraced surfing later than the US and Australia and is, therefore, more open to new definitions of surfing. Or, it could be as simple as being in close proximity to the Wavegarden facility in Northern Spain.   What we know The crew at The Wave Bristol announced plans for a London facility this week. Adding to the 18 locations that dot the “projects under development” map for Wavegarden. In all Wavegarden has Cove facilities planned for Switzerland, Paris, Lacanau, Madrid, Barcelona, Malaga and Edinburgh. We’ve also found two planned Surf Lakes deals, one for London and one for Spain. And slightly … Continue reading Status Report: Europe’s upcoming wave pool boom