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Welcome to the WavePoolMag storefront, a digital brick-and-mortar facility for the freshwater shred set. Through a design collaboration with San Francisco’s Great Highway Art Gallery and South African artist ZefNick, we commissioned these Tees & Hoodies to capture your curiosity and stoke for unsalted surfing. WavePoolMag merchandise is available at three digital storefronts in the USA, the UK and Germany.

USA Shop Page

• US Standard t-shirt price $19.99
• US Long Sleeve T-shirt price $24.99
• US Pullover hoodie price $34.99
• US Zip hoodie price $34.99
• US Pop-socket grip price $14.99

UK Shop Page

• UK Standard t-shirt price £17.49 
• UK Long Sleeve T-shirt price £21.99
• UK Long Sleeve T-shirt price £21.99
• UK Pullover hoodie price £34.99
• UK Pop-socket grip price £11.99

Germany Shop Page

• DE Standard t-shirt price €18.49
• DE Long Sleeve T-shirt price €22.99
• DE Pullover hoodie price €38.99
• DE Pop-socket grip price €12.99