It’s official: Surfing makes you happy

First of its kind research has been carried out at The Wave, by a University of Bristol student, Ariane Gerami, showing the mental health benefits of surfing. Ariane’s research followed a group of women who took part in a six-week surf course, and found results that showed the women’s mental wellbeing significantly improved, including reduced anxiety, having more confidence, and feeling positive.  Ariane’s thesis has now been published in an international academic journal, and The Wave Bristol announced they have committed to supporting a three-year PhD study as part of new partnership. “The power of water and waves to make us feel better is at the heart of why The Wave exists, and we’re excited to continue supporting Ariane’s work to scale up the findings,” The Wave said in a statement. The research is the first of its kind to be carried out at an inland surfing facility.  Ariane Gerami created a unique ‘virtual … Continue reading It’s official: Surfing makes you happy