The Battle for Perth Part One: Aventuur & The Cove

Perth wants a wave pool. So much so that the city allocated a 5.7-hectare lot adjacent to the Kwinana Freeway and Cockburn train station. Then they pitted veterans of the surf pool space Aventuur and Urbnsurf against each other in the bid to build Western Australia’s first wave park. The two parties have a tangled history. Andrew Ross built Urbnsurf Melbourne then joined Aventuur, an investment and development company a few years later. Aventuure just purchased exclusivity to Wavegarden’s Cove technology for most of Australia and nearby environs. This means that Urbnsurf, led by CEO Damon Tudor, can’t use Wavegarden Cove technology for projects developed after Sydney’s Olympic Park is built in 2022. (That deal was signed before Aventuur secured Cove rights). It’s an intense battle mostly being waged through media opps to influence public opinion and sway decision-makers in Perth. Andrew and Damon insist it’s all fair and above board … Continue reading The Battle for Perth Part One: Aventuur & The Cove