Tom Lochtefeld – The Godfather of modern surf parks

Tom Lochtefeld is the OG wave pool geek and a core surfer. For the past 30 plus years, he’s found ways to have fun and surf outside of the ocean. He fixed a cable to the rear-wheel-drive system of a Dodge truck to make a foil wave (a concept that began in 1987!) For this and many other reasons we like Tom. But for a long time, he wouldn’t talk to us. We were shattered. But he later told us via email that he didn’t want to promote “vapor waves” – that is, planned wave pools that are just artists’ renderings. And now that he’s in full deployment of his SurfLoch system in Palm Springs and throughout the world, he agreed to chat. Beyond the creation of systems like SurfLoch, he co-founded Raging Waters waterpark and invented the FlowRider. Through the early nineties, he built WaveHouse which was the first … Continue reading Tom Lochtefeld – The Godfather of modern surf parks