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Video clips show alternative wave pool technology

This month SwellSpot, the technology behind a planned Richmond Virginia wave pool, aired clips of its technology in action. The new YouTube clips show the wave machine working at both one-tenth scale and full scale.

SwellSpot’s footage of the demo facility shows a series of 10 large levers pushing out muddy waves in a few different sequences and varieties. Walter Bennett, the founder of SwellSpot, said they were testing the machinery for basic functionality at an undisclosed location.

“The full scale you see is of our old plunger technology,” said Bennett via email. “Was built some time ago. We released it to show the features and robust functionality of our plunger tech. This was to whet people’s appetites.. this sets the stage for our incredible new designed plunger technology when it is released.  Hopefully will get this built by end of 2020 early 2021.”

“(In the video) We were just testing the wave height, the functionality of the individual plungers, swell direction, peel angle testing, capacity of a controller, and software,” added Bennett. “Imagine that (the waves breaking) over our patent(ed) reefs.”

In all 14 clips were posted to Mr. Bennett’s YouTube channel, among them SwellSpot’s one-tenth model which features smaller and different-looking wave-generation levers. In one clip the four-inch waves peel symmetrically over a pre-set reef bathymetry. SwellSpot plans to add similar reef designs at full scale to the wave pools that use their surf generation technology.

“Tested the individual plungers on a one-tenth scale, as they broke over our A-frame Reef and Side Reefs,” the company says on their website LINK HERE http://swellspot.com/1-10scale.html. “The plungers can throw swells from different directions or focus the swell to a focal point. Will scale up perfectly to 6-7 foot glassy barreling waves. If one plunger were to break down we can keep operating. No Down Time.”

Along with the below clip, you can see the full collection and angles of videos with the wave generation system here.

SwellSpot claims the system offers up to 2400 swells per hour and has a much lower entry price than other machine-making wave systems currently available.

“Waves for all levels from 3 to 8 feet come to life in 1.1-to-2.2 acre surf lakes as they travel across reef sections producing combinations of barreling high-performance waves to mellow peeling waves of smaller size,” says the website.

Swellspot recently aired a new licensing program promoting five different uses of the technology including backyard surf resorts, community surf parks, standalone surf parks, and more.

The company’s home is Richmond Virginia which could become America’s surf park hot spot. Forty-five minutes away on the other side of town, The Lake is planning to build the world’s largest PerfectSwell wave pool. While the Lake will be a lux residential and retail combination use development, SwellSpot said their wave pool will be more basic. Virginia Beach, nearly two hours away, is planning a Wavegarden Cove powered project called The Wave.

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