What if you created Kelly’s Wave, but standing still?

The most exciting thing about the wave pool space is that it’s constantly evolving. Currently, surf tanks are neatly defined as producing either traveling waves or rapid (stationary) waves. But what happens when something new emerges that defies previous classifications? The new Ka’ana Wave Co. system is a rapid wave, but it also resembles a boat wake perfect for wake surfing, with some of the Zambezi River thrown in for good measure. Surfers can get minute-long barrels on standard shortboards without traveling the length of a football field. In short, this new system has the potential to bring a Kelly-Esque barrel to a surf tub the size of a squash court. We received some new images from startup Ka’ana Wave Co and jumped on a call to talk about their system that uses underwater shaping heads to create a variety of wave types. What is the CM7?At the highest level, … Continue reading What if you created Kelly’s Wave, but standing still?