10 Totally Random Questions with the Carve King, Taylor Knox

From a hyperactive kid to a sage teacher of surf fitness, yoga and meditation, Taylor Knox has lived a lot of lives. His tongue-in-cheek Captain America persona pushed him through a solid career on and off tour while the surf media lense never strayed far from his cowboy good looks.

Knox worked on and refined a carve technique that was far above and beyond what most surfers were doing mid-90s. He found a way of going through turns without dead stalling at the bottom of the wave – a super difficult task on the ultra-thin heavily-rockered equipment of the era.

Recently, and on more evolved equipment, Taylor took his trademarked carves to the Surf Ranch in Lemoore for Reef’s film “Apply Pressure.” (You can catch the full, salted edit here).

We highlighted his rail work in this short edit “Taylor’s Awesome Mix Tape #6” – a reference to the classic film “Boogie Nights.”

As a bonus, we caught up with the Momentum Generation surfer to play “10 Totally Random Questions”

Worst name for a cat ever?

Are you a high maintenance person?
No, I don’t think I’ve ever been high maintenance ever ha ha ha.

Octagon final battle Bigfoot vs Yeti – who would win?
I’ m going with Yeti… he trains at a higher altitude.

Have you ever used an ointment for something other than its stated purpose on the label?
Yes, coconut oil… it’s a lotion and it’s also good to cook with.

If you were abducted by aliens would you keep it a secret or tell the world?
I’d tell a select few people and then try to get the aliens to come back and take us all for a spin.

What sound do you absolutely love?
The ocean.

The most embarrassing thing that ever happened to you that you, for some reason, feel you must absolutely share right here and now?
It happens daily. Everyday. I call people the wrong name all the time.

They launch a remake of the 1987 classic The North Shore. You are in charge of the script. What would you change?
Nothing. It’s a classic

Did you know there are, like, bacteria all over you right now? Furthermore, what are you Taylor Knox going to do about it?
Not a damn thing… those little buggers are building my immune system. But I do wash my hands a lot.

What would your nickname be if you were on the Pro Bowling Tour?
Pin Blaster.

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