12 waves per surfer per hour at Surf Lakes?

Surf Lakes is a big wave pool. It’s also really big right now in Australia (a big, big country.) Much of its popularity is due to its Queensland location. However, it’s still a 9-hour drive from iconic breaks like the Superbank. Why? Because, you guessed it, OZ is B.I.G.

As part of the company’s more aggressive rollout and announcement of commercial options, Surf Lakes invited Stoked for Travel’s Chris Stevens to the R&D facility in Yeppoon. The self-professed travel blogger and ocean lover aired his latest vlog detailing what it’s really like to session at Surf Lakes – a privilege few in the surf world have had.

Chris covers the different breaks, the number of waves generated and how it compares to the likes of Urbnsurf and The Wave. And of course how many waves you can expect in an hour.