2024 Price Guide for the World’s Wave Pools

The list of human made surf spots is growing each year. With 17 wave pools opening just this year alone, our 2024 report shows the largest single-year jump in surf-able wave pools to date. In this annual wave pool price guide you will find hours, prices, features and special notes for the world’s surf parks.

As this report was done in May, several surf parks in the class of 2024 won’t open until the second half of the year. Every effort was made to get accurate pricing for each venue. Many times, nailing down a price for the soon-to-be opened wave pools involved a bureaucratic quagmire of emails to secure a rate range. We understand why some operators were elusive with their pricing. As one insider pointed out to us, “If we list a lower price than what the final price will be, people will be mad at a perceived price increase. And if we overshoot and list a higher price just to be safe, potential clients may think we’re too expensive and never give us a second thought.”

So what is considered “expensive” these days? According to one survey, $84.50 is the amount surfers say they would pay for 10 perfect waves. How exactly one defines “perfect” is debate-able, but it gives us a mean tide line when comparing the 30-plus odd wave pools spread across the globe.

Listings in the 2024 WavePoolMag price guide are grouped regionally by Europe, Africa, Australia, Asia and The Americas.

The wave pools surf-able today or opening soon are: o2 SURFTOWN MUC, The Wave, Lost Shore Surf Resort, Surf Poel, Rif010, Alaia Bay, Siam Waterpark, Sun City, Qiddaya, Surf Abu Dhabi, Wadi Adventure, URBNSURF Melbourne, URBNSURF Sydney, Surf Lakes, Sunway Lagoon, Wave Park, Kobi Reyes, Surf Stadium Japan, Fazenda da Grama, Boa Vista, Surf Center Brazil, Revel Surf, Palm Springs Surf Club, Waco Surf, Typhoon Lagoon, Kelly Slater Surf Ranch, Skudin Surf American Dream, Crest Surf Club, Wai Kai, Ka’ana Wave Co, West Edmonton Mall

EUROPE: o2 SURFTOWN MUC, The Wave, Lost Shore Surf Resort, Surf Poel, Rif010, Alaia Bay, Siam Waterpark

o2 SURFTOWN MUC – Munich, Germany

The o2 SURFTOWN MUC wave pool in Munich had a 10 session package sells for 749€ ($800US) or about 75€ ($80US) per session.
The o2 SURFTOWN MUC wave pool in Munich had a 10 session package sells for 749€ ($800US) or about 75€ ($80US) per session.

The Lowdown: O2 SURFTOWN MUC is located near the Munich airport and hopes to draw clients from Germany’s estimated 2,500,000 surfers as well as those looking to learn to surf. The group broke ground on an Endless Surf ES34 system in 2022 and will open its doors in 2024. Adjacent to the surf park is a 29,000 square meter multifunctional hybrid building with offices, catering and retail under the name “Hybrid One”. The goal is a unique work-life and leisure quarter instead of typical office space.

WavePool Construction Progress: Completed.

Accessibility: Summer 2024

Type of wave(s): Lefts, rights breaking in a heart-shaped Endless Surf pool with a wide variety of waves.

Wave Generating Technology: Endless Surf, which is scalable in size from ES24 to ES60, dependent on the number of pneumatic wave generating caissons. An almost infinite variety of waves are possible with rides of over 30 seconds possible on the largest models.

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Unavailable, but we’ll keep you posted once those are announced.

Price Breakdown: Once open, the wave pool will sell individual sessions by the hour. Those prices have not been made available at the time of this writing. O2 SURFTOWN MUC has announced they are offering session packages for regular and return surfers. The O2 SURFTOWN MUC Membership gives surfers exclusive access to the cheapest session packages, which include 10, 25 or 50 sessions. Like at other wave pools globally, session packages reduce the cost of each surf by buying in bulk and provide a host of other benefits and discounts. At o2 SURFTOWN MUC 50 sessions will set you back 2,899€ ($3,113US) or just 58€ ($62US) per session. A 10 session package sells for 749€ ($800US) or about 75€ ($80US) per session.

The Wave – Bristol England

The Lowdown: The Wave in Bristol is the UK’s first Wavegarden Cove – and was also the first to open in the world. The facility is the company’s flagship wave pool, but there are plans for at least a further 6 ‘Waves’ in the UK and Ireland. A site has already been secured in London and the planning process is currently underway for this. Since opening in 2019, The Wave has become a regular break for many of the UK’s surf community, with surfers heading inland from the South West and South Wales, while Londoners drive 2 hours west to score a reliable session.

WavePool Construction Progress: Complete

Type of wave(s): The Wavegarden Cove produces everything from gentle knee-high rollers to head-high slabs via their top-secret machinery.

Wave Generating Technology: Wavegarden Cove Technology

Surf Technical Information: Advanced waves run between 4-to-6 feet while intermediate waves stay in the 2-foot-range. Rides run between 12-15 seconds on each section of the wave pool

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: The pool is open as much as daylight allows, with the longest summer days open for surfing from 7am-9pm. The Clubhouse opens an hour before and is open a minimum of an hour after final surf for food and drinks. 

What it costs to surf The Wave: All prices listed in Pounds for low season. At the time of this writing £1 = $1.25US. The Wave has 6 levels, Beginner, Waikiki, Intermediate, Advanced, Advanced Plus and Expert. A beginner lesson for younger children aged 4-12 to learn how to surf is £60 and includes child and adult. Beginner Lessons Suitable for beginners aged 6+ are £55 (£45 child). Waikiki is the next step up from Beginner and it is priced at £50 to start. After that is the Intermediate setting, also priced starting at £50. Advanced setting offers more of a push than the intermediate setting and boasts a steeper takeoff for £50. Advanced plus setting offers bigger, longer waves than the advanced setting but still starts at £50. The Expert level comes in either Barrels or Turns. An hour of pure barrels on the Expert Barrels setting with only 12 other surfers begins at £50 (£40 child). Capacity for the Expert Turns session is locked at 14 and also begins at £50. NOTE: After three sessions, surfers can sign up for The Wave community, which offers deep discounts on same-day second-session purchases (50%) as well as other perks.

Accommodation: The Camp at The Wave hosts 25 safari tents, making it one of, if not the, closest accommodation to a surf break anywhere in the world. Starting at $146 per night, the tents sleep up to 8 people and are equipped with proper beds, a cooking stove, running water, a log burner and camping toilet. The Camp also has hot showers and a toilet block. 

Other facilities: The Clubhouse at The Wave has a café/bar that provides breakfast, lunch, dinner and drinks, as well as a lake viewing balcony to enjoy sunset drinks with mates. In the Clubhouse you will also find a great surf shop.

Something special: The Wave installed a field of solar panels and is now the first surf park to operate on all renewable energy generated on site. The wave pool now produces more energy than it consumes powering the surf tank and ancillary facilities.

Lost Shore Surf Resort – Ratho, Scotland

Lost Shore Surf Resort diner
Artist rendering of the Lost Shore Surf Resort diner.

The Lowdown: Tartan Leisure Limited owns the Wavegarden Cove rights in Scotland and are bringing this project to life in Edinburgh. Set to open near Ratho, late in 2024, the Edinburgh International Climbing Arena is adjacent to the space. Since inception, Lost Shore Surf resort has evolved to incorporate university research, adaptive surfing programs and more. After WavePoolMag’s podcast with CEO Andy Hadden, it’s obvious that this surf park will focus on the fun family day out as well as catering to the dedicated, core Scottish surf scene. Little known fact: The easy rollers of the North Sea on Scotland’s east coast are perfect for learning. Lost Shore Surf Resort could be the biggest thing to happen to Scottish surfing since Thurso East stormed the internet years ago.

WavePool Construction Progress: Deep into construction with September 2024 opening date.

Accessibility: Public with family-day-out focus and adapt surf capabilities

Type of wave(s): The cove produces everything from gentle knee-high rollers to head-high slabs via their top-secret machinery.

Wave Generating Technology: Wavegarden Cove Technology.

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-7 ft, Both left and right breaks, length of wave: 30-100 yards/meters depending on the size of the Cove pool.

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Lost Shore said they will be open all year round from 8am to 11pm.

What it cost to surf at Lost Shore Resort: Prices will vary by season and wave setting, starting from £50 for a beginner lesson and from £45 for intermediate sessions (£1 = $1.25US). The resort will feature a range of package deals and special offers for accommodation, group bookings and multipack sales. These price listings will be made public when the surf park officially opens later in 2024. And while we couldn’t get exact pricing for Scotland’s first wave pool, plan on starting prices for most levels at around £50. Bonus: Lost Shore boasted to us that they will have “specialist waves that are not currently available at any other Wavegarden.”

Surf Poel – The Hague, Netherlands

Early test waves at Surf Poel in the Netherlands.

The Lowdown: Europe’s first commercial indoor surfing wave pool is located in The Hague a shortish distance from the Dutch surfing capital of Scheveningen. It was expected to open the early 2019 but was delayed due to COVID. Instagram shows test waves and a lot of progress in generating small, rip-able waves generated by a foil that runs along a track much like Kelly’s wave and early Wavegarden systems. At the time of this writing we’ve seen a slow trickle of images on social media. No public launch date has been announced and communications with the team have been cryptic. Stay tuned for more details as they emerge. 

WavePool Construction Progress: Construction complete

Accessibility: Centrally located in hip, urban redevelopment area.

Type of wave(s): Small, fun lefts and rights along an indoor heated pool.

Wave Generating Technology: 24/7 Waves.

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 3-4 ft, Both Left and Right Breaks, Length of ride: 9 seconds.

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours and Prices: TBA

Waves per hour: 149.

Pricing: No final pricing yet, but the team at Surf Poel estimates they will probably be in the 40€-60€ range ($43-$65US)

Rif010 – Rotterdam, Netherlands

cheyne magnusson pssc
RiF010 wave pool will use Surf Loch technology and vaguely resemble the Palm Springs Surf Club test pool, except it will be set in a canal and offer rights only.

The Lowdown: RiF010 in Rotterdam is set to become the Netherlands’s first wave pool and the world’s first urban tank, opening in 2024. The wave will be a 1.5-meter right-hander utilizing Surf Loch’s pneumatic technology, designed to mimic natural ocean waves. The exciting thing about this project is that it will be located in the center of town. The project at the Steigersgracht was proposed back in 2014 and has been approved as of 2023. The local municipality will pony up 3 million euros in funding to help bring the canal surf spot to life. According to sources, the plan is for Rif010 to open in Summer 2024. Locals are looking for the park to bring a boost to tourism and attract more day-trippers to Rotterdam. The surrounding area is bustling with shops and restaurants.

WavePool Construction Progress: Underway with expected Summer 2024 launch

Accessibility: Public wave pool

Wave Generating Technology: SurfLoch wave systems

Waves per hour: 450 swells breaking across different zones.

Wave’s Technical Information: The number of caissons for the new pool is eight, so it will generate surf similar to that of the Palm Springs test tank for Surf Loch. The outline of the wave will follow that of the surrounding canal and only be right breaking.

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Transition seasons and summer for sure, but will have to see if it stays open in the Dutch winter.

How much does it cost to surf at Rif010: The cost for a surf session at RiF010 in downtown Rotterdam has two price levels, 50€ ($53US) for the 1.2 meter (4 foot) wave and 60€ ($65US) for the 1.5 meter (5 foot) wave. Beginner waves in their bay will be priced at 35€. All sessions include a soft board with Libtech surfboards available for rental. RiF010 also makes the claim that “all Rotterdam-based children learn to surf at RiF010, so with every ticket you buy and every cafe purchase, you support this goal,” Edwin van Viegen told us during a recent podcast

Alaia Bay – Sion, Switzerland

Alaia Bay wave pool in Switzerland shot with film on analog equipment by Geoff Fortune

The Lowdown: Tucked away in the heart of the Swiss Alps, Alaïa Bay is the first wave pool of its kind in continental Europe and probably the most spectacular spot for a surf session, whatever your level is. The wave-pool opened in May 2021. The Surf Lagoon is powered by WaveGarden, the same wave-generating modules as The Wave and Urbnsurf, but the pool itself is smaller because they removed the shallow wading area (typically reserved for beginner surf lessons). Instead, beginners get specially dedicated sessions and waves. Alaia boasts that it has all you need onsite to spend a memorable day: from the giant 300m2 Boardriders surf shop and top-notch restaurant overlooking the wave to a surfboard factory that offers guests the chance to shape their own board.

Type of wave(s): Wavegarden Cove

Wave’s Technical Information: Cove Technology – Wave height: 3-6 ft, Left and Right break, Length of
Wave: 30-60 yards/meters.

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: 14 hours of operation each day in summer with reduced transition season and winter hours. Call for details.

What it costs to surf Alaia Bay: Beginner, Waikiki, Malibu, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, Pro, and Beast sessions are available. New Waves of the year: “Mega Turn”, accessible for registered “freesurfers”. The very unique Air section is available upon special requests & private sessioins. The Alaia price structure has three tiers: Peak, Normal, and Best depending on when you visit. Peak times are the busiest slots while Normal is your average weekday rate. The prices listed as Best are for the lowest-usage times and could prove to be a good value as things in Switzerland cost more than elsewhere in Europe. Hourly cost: 109-149Swiss Francs ($120 – $165US.) Check for bulk-buy discount packs or their Alpine Surf Club membership.

Equipment Hire:  A wide selection of boards & wetsuits are available for hire at the Surf School. From premium boards to foamies. Be careful with the rental equipment, Alaia Bay uses a draconian ding-check system not for the faint of heart.

Pool Structure: Concrete Pool (Cove)

Waves per hour: Cove about 900 waves per hour

Atmosphere: Outdoorsy French Swiss vibe surrounded by Swiss Alpine scenery. The restaurant is a Sunday Brunch haven for locals, so it’s a good place to get a feel for Sion.

Something special: Did you know that Alaïa Bay is not only a wave pool? Alaïa also runs a premium skate park, The Alaïa Chalet, an action sports hotel; the Alaïa Lodge and 4 seasons of action sports camps for kids from 8 to 17 years old, the Alaïa Camps. Time it right and you can ski, skate, and surf in one morning.

Siam Park – Tenerife Spain

The Lowdown: The wave has been an Atlantic Ocean secret spot hidden on an island of great natural surf. But it’s a solid destination for European wave pool hunters looking for something exotic in an already exotic location – the Canary Islands. The pool has starred in a few surf videos, most notably a Volcom session with groms and rising UK star Lucy Campbell. But the most comprehensive clip that gives a real feel for the place is a Spanish bro-fest. The guys rented the pool and walk viewers through ten minutes of the Siam Park experience complete with high-fives and hoots.

Accessibility: Reservation Process [email protected] or call 902 06 00 00

Wave Generating Technology: Murphys Wave’s

Technical Information: Fast right and left off a steep wall that backs off before a dumping closeout on the shallows.

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Open all year but surfing by reservation only before pool opens or after it closes to swimmers

What it costs to surf Siam Park: For surfing after regular business hours, must call or email: [email protected] or call 902 06 00 00. Hard to gauge but prices estimated between $52-$880 depending on how many surfers rent out the pool per hour.

Pool Structure: Concrete Pool – Resort

Waves per hour: 60-90

Atmosphere: Family waterpark, but also a raving nightclub for private parties

Apparel: Spring suit, Bikini, Boardshorts

Africa, Middle East, Australia, Asia: Sun City, Qiddaya, Surf Abu Dhabi, Wadi Adventure, URBNSURF Melbourne, URBNSURF Sydney, Surf Lakes, Sunway Lagoon, Wave Park, Surf Stadium Japan, Kobi Reyes

Valley of the Waves – Sun City South Africa

The Lowdown: The famous Sun City resort in South Africa also hosts a chlorinated wave pool in the center of their waterpark. Built for resort goers, they do offer the odd surf session upon request and reservation

Accessibility: Open to the public, All-ages, Beginning surfer, Intermediate surfer, Advanced surfer

Type of wave(s): Combination

Wave Generating Technology: Whitewater/Barr+Wray

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-4 ft, Both Left and Right Breaks, Length of Wave: under 30 yards/meters

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Summer: 09h00 – 18h00 Summer (September to April) Gates open at 09h00 and close at 17h00. Water features shut down at 17h30. Winter: 10h00 – 17h00 Winter (May to August) Gates open at 10h00 and close at 16h00. Water features shut down at 16h30. The Valley of Waves closes for a month between May and July for annual maintenance. The Valley of Waves may be closed or close early due to private functions on an ad-hoc basis.

What it costs to surf Valley of the Waves: Call for surfing prices and reservations +27145573444
Price Breakdown for pool admission Sun City Resort residents: Free OFF-PEAK RATES PEAK RATES Adults $8US $11USChildren (Ages 4–12 yrs) $4.75US $5.75USSenior Citizens $4.50US

Qiddaya, Riyadh Saudi Arabia

Our best guesstimate for a session at Qiddaya is $75-$125 per session depending on wave setting.

The Lowdown: The $ 750 million development shows renderings of an elaborate attractions space that includes and Endless Surf wave pool. Set in a canyon, Qiddiya will include nine entertainment zones: waterslides, pools, splash zones and the surf lagoon. The park stated that the design is inspired by the natural world. As such, surf sessions will go off under the watchful eye of larger-than-life cement animals. The wall that houses Endless Surf’s caissons will have a rock facade. The futuristic development will cover 376 square kilometres or 145 square miles. For comparison, Walt Disney World in Florida is 39 square miles while the entire city of San Francisco is just 47 square miles.

WavePool Construction Progress: Being Built.

Accessibility: Not yet built or even open to the public.

Type of wave(s): Lefts, rights breaking in a heart-shaped pool

Wave Generating Technology: Endless Surf which is scalable in size from ES1800 to ES4800, dependent on the number of pneumatic wave generation chambers. An ES 1800 has 18 chambers for example. The biggest, the ES 48 can go up to 1,000 feet (300m)

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Given the climate, it could be open all year long.

Cost to surf at Qiddaya: The surf park did not respond to price requests, but we feel that we should list the attraction as it will be a game changer – big, accessible, theme-park-esque. Qiddiya water park will feature 23 rides and attractions, of which the group claims the seven will be “world firsts.” Pricing will most likely be just north of those for Wadi Adventure, the setting for Dion Agius’ “Electric Blue Heaven” film. Our best guesstimate is $75-$125 per session.

Wadi Adventure – United Arab Emirates

The Lowdown: The wave made famous in Dion Agius’ “Electric Blue Heaven” clip is accessible and surf-able now. It’s a steep right or left off a wall that weakens a bit as it spreads out to centre pool.

Accessibility: Reservation Process

Wave Generating Technology: Displaced water a la Typhoon Lagoon and Siam Park by Whitewater/Barr+Wray.

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: By reservation

What it costs to surf Wadi Adventure: Prices: $18 park entry then $48 for each one-hour surf session. Six surfers maximum per session. Each surfer gets about six waves in the 60 minute session that is split with half rights and half lefts. Private Parties V.I.P. session – the wave pool is open only for you and your friends $460
. Private session – private rental of the pool including personalised wave settings $400. Semi Private session – private access to the advanced wave but not the near shore beginner waves $275.

Pool Structure: Concrete Pool – Resort

Waves per hour: Unknown

Atmosphere: Family waterpark, but also raving nightclub for private parties

Apparel: Spring suit, Bikini, Boardshorts

URBNSURF – Melbourne Australia

The Lowdown: The first public wave pool in Australia located 20 minutes outside of downtown Melbourne adjacent to the Melbourne Airport opened in January 2020 and has since set the benchmark for surf park operations. You will find surf club competitions, concerts, corporate events and heaps more here as Urbnsurf redefines the wave pool business model. But for us just wanting to go for a session, see below…

Accessibility: Open to the public, all-ages

Type of wave(s): Everything from a killer ‘slab’ setting to gentle beginner rollers to their super popular cruiser sessions.

Wave Generating Technology: Wavegarden Cove

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-7 ft, Both left and right breaks, length of rides: beginner 8-10 seconds, intermediate/advanced 12-16 seconds

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours At this time it’s seven days a week with the first surf slot kicking off at 6am and the last session logging in at 9pm. Note: Not all wave settings are available at all hours. Check schedule.

Waves per hour: 900-1000 waves per hour. Surfers can plan on 10-12 waves per fully booked session.

Pool Structure: Concrete Pool with surrounding amenities including Three Ducks restaurant, bar and shop

What it costs to surf at Urbnsurf (listed in AUS dollars): At the time of this writing, one US dollar equaled 1.53 Australian dollars. Prices start at $89AUS for intermediates and go up to $144AUS for expert sessions. Urbnsurf has an advanced pricing system, offering memberships and punch cards for heavy users which helps bring the price-per-surf-session down. See the extensive list below:

Cruiser / Cruiser Turns $89
Intermediate $89
Advanced / Turns $99
Expert $144

10 x Cruiser / Intermediate Sessions $801
10 x Advanced Sessions $891
10 x Expert Sessions $1296
20 x Cruiser/Intermediate $1588
20 x Advanced Sessions $1733
50 x Cruiser Sessioins $3783
50 x Advanced Sessions $4208

URBNSURF – Sydney Australia

The Lowdown: 14 kilometres west of Sydney’s downtown and one kilometre from the central train station, URBNSURF Sydney will operate for 16 hours per day, from 6 am to 10 pm. Session prices will vary from $30 to $159 AUD depending on the level. The grounds include a massive event space next to the lagoon, which can host 2000 people for live events including music, unique sporting events, and more. Other amenities include a Surf Academy, Cabanas for private use, a 20m leisure pool and 8m kids pool, playground, surf-skate pad, retail store, a high-performance center, a multifunction room and a health and wellness studio.

WavePool Construction Progress: Opened May 13, 2024.

Accessibility: Open to the public, All-ages.

Wave Generating Technology: Wavegarden Cove.

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-6 ft, Both left and right breaks, length of wave: under 30 yards/meters.

What it costs to surf at URBNSURF Sydney (listed in AUS dollars): At the time of this writing, one US dollar equaled 1.53 Australian dollars. Prices for children are slightly lower than the posted prices below, typically by $5.

Cruiser $104
Intermediate $104
Progressive Turns $104
Advanced Turns $109
Advanced $109
Expert $159


Foundation Membership: A membership package offering 52 surf sessions per year at URBNSURF. The package includes a pre-launch surfing experience and tour for Golden Ticket members. Members can surf at any session in Melbourne or Sydney. Additional perks include membership in the URBNSURF Sydney Boardriders Club, VIP event invites, and exclusive merchandise. Limited Foundation Memberships are available for purchase at $4,999.

Gold Membership: The Gold Memberships offer 48 surfing sessions throughout the year and include a $300 URBNSURF voucher. Early bird offers include the Gold Advanced and Gold Intermediate packages with savings over $500. The Gold Advanced and Gold Intermediate month-to-month memberships offer discounted rates at $345 and $330 per month, respectively, with a 12-month contract. The cost for this package is $3,399.

Aqua Membership: The Aqua Membership goes for $1,899 for the advanced option and $1,799 for the Intermediate option and offers 24 or more surf sessions per year. Members receive a $150 URBNSURF credit usable for additional sessions or non-surf items in Sydney or Melbourne. Benefits include priority booking two weeks in advance, access to exclusive member events, free URBNSURF Sydney Boardriders Club membership starting in mid-2024, unlimited spectator pass entry, and a 10% discount on extra sessions, lessons, and rentals in Sydney or Melbourne.

Intermediate 3 session $295. Intermediate 5 session $475. Intermediate 10 session $935.
Advanced 3 session $310. Advanced 5 session $495. Advanced 10 session $980.
Expert 3 session $450. Expert 5 session $725. Expert 10 session $1,430.

Surf Lakes – Yeppoon Australia

The Lowdown: Demo center for new Surf Lakes technology that uses a round hub to push out waves from the center of a lake. The waves fanning out break on a series of reefs and points. One of the largest and most ambitious wave pool projects to date

Accessibility: Approved by local council to go public. The resort will include a progression and wellness center for coaching and relaxation, as well as dining areas with sunset views. Visitors will have access to break-out rooms for 1-on-1 video feedback, a pavilion for mobility work or training, hot and cold plunge pools, and a skate ramp. Future plans for the 90-acre site include lodging with up to 250 bedrooms, camping or caravan sites, festivals, additional food and beverage options, retail spaces, a skate park, scuba pool, and a renewable energy facility.

Type of wave(s): Central hub wave making tower

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-8 ft, Lefts and rights along a series of reefs, points, ledges at possibly 2400 waves per hour. Inventors of the ‘5 Waves’ concept, which produces 5 different breaks at one location

*Price Breakdown: You can buy one the standard size for $20million or the XL size (like Yeppoon) for $30million. Or wait for the Yeppoon pool to open once financing is secured and construction completed.

Pool Structure: Manmade Lake with chlorinated water

Waves per hour: 2400

Atmosphere: With Ben Player and Occy as ambassadors the finished project is more high-performance sport-focused than party-focused.

Apparel: Boardshorts or short wetsuits – it’s warm on the Capricorn Coast

Sunway Lagoon – Selangor Malaysia

The Lowdown: Swimmer-focused wave pool that has limited surfing hours, like many other waterpark attractions. It’s best known for Taj Burrow’s clip in “Fair Bits” when the crew added a jet ski to help gain enough speed to launch airs.

Accessibility: Reservation Process [email protected] or call 902 06 00 00

Wave’s Technical Information: Fast right and left off a steep wall that backs off before a dumping closeout on the shallows

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Wave pool is open to surfing from 6pm-7pm weekends and holidays and by reservation only.

Price Breakdown: For surfing after regular business hours, must call or email: [email protected] or call 902 06 00 00. Prices estimated between $52.00-$880.00 – Kids under 6 free, special pricing kids 6-11, but not sure if that applies to surfing.

Email for more details: [email protected]

Pool Structure: Concrete Pool – Resort

Apparel: Boardies and bikinis

Wave Park – Siheung-si South Korea

The Lowdown: This is Asia’s largest Wavegarden Cove project to date with 56 modules (The Wave Bristol has 40 by comparison) and is part of a multi-billion dollar resort development an hour outside of Seoul. The wave pool is run under the name Wave Park and opened on October 8, 2020

WavePool Construction Progress: Completed

Type of wave(s): The Cove produces everything from gentle knee-high rollers to head-high slabs via their top-secret machinery.

Wave Generating Technology: Wavegarden Cove Technology

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-7 ft, Both left and right breaks, length of wave: 60-100 yards/meters depending on the size of the Cove pool

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Mon-Sun 10:00 – 17:00

What it costs to surf at Wave Park:

Surf Sessions
Bay Whitewater $53USD
Beginner/Intermediate $65USD
Advanced $65USD

Surf Lessons
Bay Whitewater $82USD
Reef level up $90USD

Adult $33USD
Child $26USD

Wetsuit $8USD
Softboard $13USD
Hardboard $33USD

Waves per hour: 400-600 waves per hour

Surf Stadium Japan – Shizunami Japan

The Lowdown: Shizunami is a thriving surf town about four hours by car southeast of Tokyo. The bullet train from Tokyo central takes a little over two hours to nearby Shizuoka station. Surf Stadium Japan is also one of the world’s first surf parks close to an existing natural surfing location. The wave tub itself sits on a 2.4-acre site a stone’s throw from the Pacific ocean. AMW says that Shizunami will demonstrate how high-performance surf can be achieved in urban, surf-centric, relatively smaller footprint locations, referred to by the company as “surf arenas.”

WavePool Construction Progress: Completed

Accessibility: Open to the public, All-ages, Beginning surfers, Intermediate surfers, Advanced surfers

Wave Generating Technology: American Wave Machines Perfect Swell with some new improvements and enhancements

Wave’s Technical Information: Both Left and Right Breaks, Length of Wave: 30-60 yards/meters, Semi-hollow to hollow and performance-oriented. 110 waves per hour come in three-wave sets at between 1:10-1:30 apart. Waves are waist to head-high.

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Dec–Feb: 10am-5pm, Mar-May: 9am-6pm, June-Sep: 8am-8pm, Dec- Oct-Nov: 9am-6pm.

What it costs to surf at Stadium Japan:

Trial Session: 8800 yen ($70) – includes surfboard, wetsuit, safety equipment, and instructor.
Beginner Session: 7700 yen ($60)
Intermediate Session: 8800 yen ($70)
Advanced Session: 8800 yen ($70)
Expert Session: 9900 yen ($80)
Private Session: Prices vary depending on the season, but start from 156,000 yen ($1320) per hour, and customized waves will be provided according to the customer’s preferences.

Note: Membership registration is required to purchase tickets. If there is a vacancy on the day of the session, e-tickets will be sold to those who come directly to the facility. Surf Stadium advises to check the availability up to 23:59 the day before you want to go surfing.

Pool Structure: Concrete pool facility with sand added

Waves per hour: 110

Atmosphere: Beach party Japan style

Apparel: Mostly boardshorts and bikinis. 3/2 fulls and spring suits for fall/winter

Kobe Reyes – Kobe Hyogo Japan

kobe reyes wave pool
Kobe Reyes runs $92 for 100 minutes of shared pool time

The Lowdown: Twenty minutes by car from Kobe Japan is Kobe-Reyes, a Big Surf Arizona type wave that is rarely pushed above waist-high. It’s currently the only surf-specific wave pool in Japan and does a booming business despite the lack of solid surf

WavePool Construction Progress: Completed. Open to public

Type of wave(s): Small, soft peak that splits left and right

Wave Generating Technology: Murphys wave-style flush system

Wave’s Technical Information: 2-3 ft, Lefts and rights in a reservoir lake suitable for beginners and longboarders or those small wave A-Listers

Structure: Manmade Lake with chlorinated water

Price Breakdown: $92US for 100 minutes of shared pool time

Waves per hour: Unknown

Apparel: Trunks and bikinis in summer when the pool hours are expanded. Wetsuits in limited hours of transition season. The company recommends wearing reef shoes.

The Americas: Fazenda da Grama, Surfland Brasil, Boa Vista Brazil, Palm Springs Surf Club, Revel Surf, Waco Surf, Fireside, Typhoon Lagoon, Kelly Slater Surf Ranch, Skudin Surf American Dream, Crest Surf Club, The Lineup at Wai Kai, Ka’ana Wave Co., West Edmonton Mall

Fazenda da Grama – Sao Paulo Brazil

To surf here you will have to be a member, buy a condo or know someone

The Lowdown: While not public-facing like current Coves in Switzerland, Australia, England and South Korea, the Fazenda da Grama project hopes to attract Brazil’s rich and famous with golfing, horses, spa facilities, restaurants, event space and the usual surf park fare. This Cove facility is the centerpiece of a condo development focused on active living and sports leisure. The pool spit out its first waves in June 2021 and is now the darling to Brazil’s wealthy surf set.

Accessibility: Private residences and club memberships.

Type of wave(s): The cove produces everything from gentle knee-high rollers to head-high slabs via their top-secret machinery.

Wave Generating Technology: Wavegarden Cove Technology

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-7 ft, Both left and right breaks, length of wave: 30-100 yards/meters depending on the size of the Cove pool

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Unavailable, but we’ll keep you posted

What it costs to surf Praia da Grama: Guests of residents and those with memberships will be able to surf the pool. So, surfers must either purchase property or have a membership to access the development’s central wave pool. It runs on the same model as an exclusive golf club membership. Or you can buy a 500 square meter villa for $11,500,00Real ($2.4millionUS.)

Waves per hour: 11-900 waves per hour

Surfland Brasil – Santa Catarina, Brazil

The Lowdown: Surfland Brasil distinguishes itself from other clubs and condo developments with a wave pool claiming, “We are the first multi-property club and resort with a wave pool for surfing in the world. With the multi-property system, we take care of everything for you: apartments furnished in your name, with hotel service, ready for you to enjoy.” ⁣What does that mean exactly? As far as we can tell, this Cove pool is the centrepiece of a development focused on active-living and sports leisure. It’s a time-share condominium complex that is open to the public and features a 78-bed hotel. It also offers visitors the opportunity to surf at a cost ranging from $80-$90US. Tickets can be purchased on the Surfland Brasil website. In addition to the surfing lagoon, the complex will gradually open infrastructure for various sports activities like a skatepark designed by Pedro Barros, swimming pools, tennis courts, beach tennis, surf museum, restaurants, jogging track, gym, yoga shala, spa, and play areas for children.

Accessibility: Combination public and private surf park.

Type of wave(s): The Wavegarden Cove produces everything from gentle knee-high rollers to head-high slabs via their top-secret machinery.

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-7 ft, Both left and right breaks, length of wave: 30-100 yards/meters depending on the size of the Cove pool.

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Year round surf.

Waves per hour: 11-900 waves per hour.

What it costs to surf at Surfland Brazil: $80-$90US for sessions, or buy a condo and have access during your time-share stays, or stay at the hotel for one-off access. Buy-ins for the apartments start at $22,000US. The company requires three $1,090 payments followed by 57 installment payments at $325. Or, you can probably buy in all at once. They also offer buy-ins for the larger $29,500 units (sleeps 5). There will be a little over 100 units on offer.

Boa Vista Village – Sao Paulo Brazil

boa vista wave pool
Residences run between $1-4million and allow access to the worlds’ longest PerfectSwell

The Lowdown: This Sao Paulo development follows a trend in anchoring new projects around wave pools. Maybe slightly varying from the norm, the Boa Vista plans show a Surf Lodge (actually a multi-story, swank-looking hotel) for visitors making freshwater surf trips. The interesting component here is the huge PerfectSwell technology from American Wave Machines. It looks to be larger than the AWM facility in Waco with 20-25 second rides. Boa Vista will offer surf to residents and visitors.

WavePool Construction Progress: Built and in operation.

Accessibility: Mixed use private and possibly public.

Wave Generating Technology: New American Wave Machines Perfect Swell design.

Wave’s Technical Information: Both Left and Right Breaks, Length of Wave: possibly 120year-round yards/meters, Semi-hollow to hollow and performance-oriented. 120 -160 waves per hour come in three-wave sets at between 1:10-1:30 apart. Waves are waist to head-high.

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Expect year round surf.

Pool Structure: Concrete pool facility with sand added set in center of hotel and residences.

Waves per hour: 120-160.

Atmosphere: Lux Brazilian golf vibes.

Apparel: Mostly boardshorts and bikinis. 3/2 fulls and spring suits for fall/winter.

What it costs to surf Boa Vista: As it’s a private development, you can buy a luxury dwelling for between $1million-$4million US or become a member at the soon-to-be-open sister site, the Boa Vista Surf Club which doesn’t require land purchase to access the waves.

Surf Center – Curtiba, Brazil

surf center brazil

The Lowdown: This latest project features a new technology out of Brazil that’s looking to shake up the higher-end Brazilian pools of Boa Vista and Praia da Grama. How? A $10K buy-in and $200 monthly grants access to the new facility which plans on opening 20 new surf clubs in the next five years throughout Brazil. Surf Center, scheduled to launch in 2024, claim to be the world’s first heated and covered wave pool outside of North America.

WavePool Construction Progress: Planning stages with model test pool showing potential

Accessibility: Public with membership.

Type of wave(s): The technology, which has been dubbed Surf Center’s GT3K wave generator, is pneumatic. In layman’s terms, it uses pressurized air to transfer energy to the water in the pool, which creates waves.

Wave’s Technical Description: The wave will be a one-meter-high right that runs for 40 meters, 8-12 seconds, through an indoor pool. To put it in perspective, the relatively small pool footprint will use just two million liters of water compared to the 29 million used at Praia da Grama. The system can pump out 240 waves per hour, four per minute, with the pool only requiring a one-minute break between sets. “We were able to utilize a bottom contour and air chamber placement that maintains the size of the wave for longer. Our wave is 3-4 feet, but it runs for 40 meters at about that size, only losing at most 20-30% of its height,” said a spokesperson.

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Year-round.

Admission and Price Breakdown: To surf the pool, you have to buy a membership, which is currently being sold at the discount rate of around USD $10,000. On top of this one-time cost, once the center opens there will be monthly membership fees of about USD $200. Each membership will be able to include up to four members, with one wave pool session per week available for a member (just one person per week, not everyone on the membership). The membership also grants access to the entire facility, which will include a gym, yoga, skatepark, restaurants, and a surf shop, among other things. Full pricing chart below listed in Brazilian Real which equals, at the time of this writing, 0.19 USD. It’s about five Brazilian Real per US dollar, so for quick-n-easy math, divide each listing by five.

Palm Springs Surf Club – Palm Springs California

The Lowdown: The Palm Springs Surf Club (PSSC) is a revamped waterpark imagineered by Cheyne Magnusson and Kalani Robb and is the first surf park in Southern California. The pool is powered by Tom Lochtefeld’s Surf Loch tech which produces surf from two to seven feet and caters to surfers of all skill levels. The Palm Springs Surf Club, located 2.5 hours by car from Los Angeles, spans 21 acres and combines resort features with leisure attractions. The club is designed to be inclusive, offering activities for both surfers and non-surfers, including dining venues, waterslides, lounge pools, a lazy river, event spaces, and a social club.

WavePool Construction Progress: Completed. Reopened. Time to go surfing.

Accessibility: Public wave pool like Urbnsurf or The Wave but with added “club” layers.

Wave’s Technical Information: Waves offered are A-Frame Intermediate, A-Frame Advanced, Rights & Lefts, Beginner Waikiki and Private Sessions (slab).

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: With the Palm Springs climate, year-round surfing is anticipated.

What it costs to surf at the Palm Springs Surf Club: Surf sessions start at $100 for beginner groups, $200 for intermediates, and $200 for advanced surfers. A 5 Slabs expert level offer is open to all ages and priced at $250. General club entry begins at $40 and gives you access to lots of features including the lazy river. You can also rent a poolside cabana for $500 a day. Waves offered are A-Frame Intermediate, A-Frame Advanced, Rights & Lefts, Beginner Waikiki and Private Session.You can book your future surf at this link.

Waves per hour: 450 swells breaking across different zones.

Revel Surf – Cannon Beach, Arizona

Revel wave pool surf park opening in 2024
Revel wave pool surf park opening in 2024

The Lowdown: The development in the East Valley of Phoenix has a work, surf, eat, stay, and entertainment focus under a heavy surf culture influence. The park will also feature a 10 meter (33ft) wide standing wave that can be adjusted from 1-6 ft in wave height. Alongside the UNIT Surf Pool will be Swell MFG’s traveling wave technology. It will be able to produce a variety of ocean-like waves at the touch of button or a pre-arranged mix on your own ‘wave playlist’. Revel Surf Park is the first surf park in the world offering both traveling wave and rapid wave technology together in the same setting.

WavePool Construction Progress: Ground broken, pool built and waves being tested.

Wave Generating Technology: SwellMFG and UNIT Surf Pool. The company describes their system as a natural surfing lineup with a peak wave rather than a right-session-only or left-session-only option as found in many of today’s wave pools. SwellMFG adds that clients will be able to create customized sessions and make a surfing “playlist. UNIT: System generates a wave via a floating or dug-in wave system that uses surrounding lake water to create a standing rapid wave.

Waves: The company said that all public sessions will be a split peak. In previous “test wave” clips launched on social media, Revel only shows a right-breaking wave powered by SwellMFG. The split peak will allow surfers to go either right or left. Revel Surf’s surf sessions include different levels catering to varying skill sets and preferences. Level I is designed for beginners. Level II sessions offer slower, peeling waves suitable for all riding styles. Level III sessions feature performance waves with speed, size, and power, while Level IIII sessions present specialty waves like wedges, slabs, airs, and critical sections.

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Expect year-round surf.

Atmosphere: This is where Rick Kane would’ve learned to surf.

Apparel: Mostly boardshorts and bikinis. 3/2 fulls and spring suits for fall/winter.

Cost to surf Revel Surf wave pool in Arizona: While not yet finalised, you can anticipate introductory pricing between $79 – $129 per hour of surf for the Swell MFG pool. For the Unit rapid wave pool expect to pay between $55 – $75. Surf sessions also include access to the surf park and beach, skate and diving lagoon. Revel will also be offering stand alone daily beach passes for those not surfing.

Waco Surf – Waco Texas

The Lowdown: The USA’s second public pool and the first commercial American Wave Machines PerfectSwell facility. Owners say the wave tank is very popular and resembles a more natural surf break than many other technologies. 

Accessibility: Open to the public, All-ages, Beginner surfer, Intermediate surfer, Advanced surfer, and now they’ve added Pro surfer options. Reservations for surf sessions and digital waivers are required, as well as showing up an hour before your session.

Wave Generating Technology: American Wave Machines PerfectSwell

Wave’s Technical Information: Both Left and Right Breaks, Length of Wave: 30-60 yards/meters, Semi-hollow to hollow and performance-oriented. 80-90 seconds between sets on standard wave settings, and 90-120 seconds between sets on specialty wave settings. 

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: During off-peak times the surf park usually runs 8am-6pm. During peak season they run waves most days 6am-11pm. 

What it costs to surf Waco: The Coaster: Beginner Session $89-129+tax for one hour, 30 mins of left and 30 mins of right. Includes soft top/foam surfboard rental for the session. Add Beginner Academy out of water 1 hour lesson prior to surf session for $49-59+tax.

The Runner: Intermediate session $109-149+tax for one hour, 30 mins of left and 30 mins of right.

The Peak: Advanced session $119-159+tax for one hour, 30 mins of left and 30 mins of right. 

The Point, The Ramp and The Wedge: Pro Sessions $299-$369+tax for the 90 minute session, starting with Advanced and moving into the barrel and air section waves previously only offered to private surf guests. Each 90-minute session is left OR right.

Private sessions start at $1,750+tax/hour in the off season and can be booked up to 8 hours consecutively. They also offer all-day beach club passes to hang out and watch the action at $19+tax.

Hard/Performance surfboard rentals are $35+tax for the first hour and $10+tax/additional hour. Optional $35+tax insurance fee which covers all damage done to the board. Foam/Soft top surfboard rentals are $25+tax for the first hour and $10+tax/additional hour.

Pool Structure: Concrete lagoon facility with sand added on beach area.

Waves per hour: 120-160 (depending on setting)

Atmosphere: Laid-back surf resort vibe with tacos and beers.

Apparel: Mostly boardshorts and bikinis. 3/2 fulls and spring suits for fall. 4/3 and accessories for winter.

Other questions: Email the team at [email protected]

Fireside Surf – Dallas area, Texas

The Lowdown: Fireside Surf has designed their venue around a 35-foot-wide rapid wave with attention paid to surrounding F&B. The restaurant provides a variety of cuisines including American, Mediterranean, Asian, Fusion, and Australian, serving meals across breakfast, lunch, dinner, and late-night alongside drinks. Amenities include outdoor seating, available parking, television, a full bar with wine and beer options. The focal point, a rapid wave with various settings can be enjoyed privately or in groups. Newly added Flowstate video capture system means option to purchase clips of yourself surfing are available.

Accessibility: Open to the public, All-ages, Beginning surfer, Intermediate surfer, Advanced surfer, Reservations Required.

Type of wave(s): deepwater rapid/standing/stationary wave

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 4-6 ft, Both Left and Right wall at the same time.

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: All year open daily 11am-7pm for 40 minute sessions.

Pool Structure: above ground – outdoor

Atmosphere: Suburban area, surrounded by chain restaurants and shops

Cost to surf at Fireside: $75 to take turns on the 35-foot-wide rapid wave for 40 minutes. A private session buyout option is available for up to 15 surfers at a time and is priced at $900.

Typhoon Lagoon – Orlando Florida

typhoon lagoon reopens
Typhoon Lagoon charges $199 for surf lesson packs including equipment and instruction

The Lowdown: The pool generates roughly one 3-5-foot-wave every 90 seconds, a burgery right and left off the deep end that rushes into a closeout on the inside bar. Typhoon Lagoon offers Surf School lessons and the water park can be rented out for private surfing before and after swimming hours

Wave Generating Technology: The equipment and contract was done by WhiteWater Industries Ltd & Barr+Wray.

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 3-4 ft, Both Left and Right Breaks, Length of Wave: roughly 30 yards/meters. According to Whitewater West, “Typhoon Lagoon is a Hydraulic system whereby water is pumped in to a series of silos and when the gates are released water plunges into the deep end of the pool generating a wave or varying heights. Typhoon Lagoon generally fill the silos half full generating a wave of 4-5 feet high. When the silos are fully filled an eight foot wave is created.”

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Year round including some holidays

What it costs to surf Typhoon Lagoon: $199 for surf lesson packs including equipment and instruction. Park admission is $65 for 1-day pass. There are surf sessions before the park opens and after it closes. Space is extremely limited but you can make surfing reservations online at this link. The renter gets to choose the wave settings. Each 3-hour session comes with 100, 125 or 150 waves – broken into sets.

For 100 Waves: Weekday mornings pricing is $1,150.00, Weekday evenings are $1,250 Morning and Weekend evenings are $1,450.

For 125 Waves: (mornings not available) Weekday evenings are $1,550 with Weekend evenings $1,800

For 150 Waves: (mornings not available) Weekday evenings are $1,850 with Weekend evenings $2,150

Atmosphere: Family environment

Apparel: Spring suit, Bikini, Boardshorts

The Surf Ranch – Lemoore California

For 12 waves Kelly’s works out to $425-to-$575 per wave or $9.50-to-$12.75 per second.

The Lowdown: The world’s best surfer on the world’s best human-made wave captivated anyone who has ever surfed. Now owned by the WSL the perfection of the Surf Ranch is reserved for training, video clips, WSL contests and a few friends of the King. Private parties can rent out the ranch for the day at between $50K and $70K.

What it costs to surf the Kelly Slater Surf Ranch: It’s accessible via private, pros only or with paid ‘spectator’ admission through WSL VIP experiences – although this might’ve changed since the WSL cancelled the Surf Ranch Pro. The wave tank prefers to operate mysteriously, but in reality you can call up and rent the whole place, assuming you have the right number. High-season daily rental is around $70,000 while low-season costs are $50,000. Daily per person rate (at 10 surfers) is $5K to $7K. Hourly cost per person works out to $875 High Season $625 Low Season. For 12 waves it works out to $425-to-$575 per wave, or $9.50-to-$12.75 per second. Easy.

Type of wave(s): Lefts and Rights, hollow with no interrupting sections

Wave Generating Technology: Kelly Slater Wave Co. Systems

Wave’s Technical Information: Wave height: 2-6 ft, Both Left and Right Breaks, Length of Wave: over 100 yards/meters, Hollow performance-oriented

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: Private by appointment only but you have to know who to contact – which appears to be one of surfing’s great mysteries.

Pool Structure: Manmade lake, formerly a waterskiing park

Waves per hour: 12-25 waves per hour

Apparel: Fullsuit, Bikini, Boardshorts

Crest Surf Club – Shirley, New York

The Lowdown: Long Islanders Chris and Brett Portera announced the launch of Crest Surf Clubs: a members-only social club with its own wave venue. This new surf spot will be located in Shirley, New York, just over an hour east of New York City. It’s not quite in the Hamptons, however the area is dotted with golf clubs, so the Crest Surf Club should fit right in.

Wave’s Technical Information: Little is known about the Premier Surf Systems tech as we’ve yet to see a full size working models. It’s unknown if the square footprint pushes out surf from the deepend via levers (like SwellMFG) or with the use of pneumatics like Endless Surf, Surf Loch and Perfectswell do. Crest boasts that “The Premier Surf Systems proprietary wave generation technology will be provided exclusively to Crest properties. Premier applies a unique design and operational technique to widely-proven wave technology, allowing for larger waves with longer ride lengths in significantly smaller footprints.”

Pool Structure: Concrete Pool.

Waves per hour: Crest says it will be 180 waves per hour offering 85 yard rides with room for 10-20 surfers in the pool.

Atmosphere: We don’t know. Could be anything from Great Gatsby to Caddyshack vibes.

Apparel: Boardshorts and bikinis when it’s Kardashian season and full 5/4/3 with boots and gloves when its core surf season.

Cost to surf Crest Surf Club: Pricing information is unconfirmed at the time of this writing. But according to various reports, Crest Surf Club will cost $35,000 to join then set you back $1500 per month. We reached out to Crest who responded this is “an accurate reflection of where pricing starts.” For that price you get to surf the Premier Surf Systems wave pool to your heart’s content.

Skudin Surf American Dream – East Rutherford New Jersey

The Lowdown: This pool is located in the American Dream mega-mall in New Jersey just 15 minutes outside of NYC. The surf component here is American Wave Machines PerfectSwell technology, which is similar to Waco Surf. The square shape of this indoor wave pool provides a shape to create a-frame waves, which is unique from the other American Wave Machines designs. This hidden-gem of the metropolitan area is run by New York surf legends Will & Cliff Skudin.

Accessibility: Fully open to the public for all-ages and skill levels with both public sessions and private sessions available.

Wave Generating Technology: American Wave Machines PerfectSwell technology.

Wave’s Technical Information: The technology makes for split peaks, rights, and lefts. The wave types range from soft and small for beginners, to bigger and more powerful settings that host barrels and air sections for advanced and expert surfers. Private session guests get to choose from a diverse wave menu with names that sound like theme park rides: The Gotham, Wall Street, Sinatra, and The Vortex. The wave riding output on the split-peaks in an hour of surfing can reach up to 360 rides, which averages out to about 50+ rides per each surfer in the 2-hour public sessions. SkudinSurfAD says “Most people leave our facility totally surfed-out.”

Hours of Operation: SkudinSurf American Dream operates between the hours of 7-11AM and 7PM-Midnight on the off-hours of Dreamworks water park where the wavepool is located.

What it costs to surf at SkudinSurf American Dream: They offer both public and private surf sessions in their indoor concrete pool, which operates year-round at around 85 degrees air and water temperatures. Here are the prices for each type of session:

Public Sessions:
Beginners- $99-$125 (2-hour session)
Intermediate, Advanced, & A-Frames Only- $195-$250 (2-hour session)
Experts- $250 (2-hour session)

Private Dream Sessions:
$1600 for 1 hour (up to 10 surfers)
$3200 for 2 hours (up to 24 surfers)

Private sessions are ideal for parties, larger groups, events, or for those who want their own personal session. Each private session includes a cabana setup with snacks and drinks overlooking the pool, a customizable selection of waves, and a customizable music playlist.
SkudinSurf American Dream also offers coaching, media, and additional instructor packages.

Added Notes: As part of every session ticket, guests will have access to a complementary surfboard quiver which features over 50 different boards to choose from.

Attire: The heated indoor facility allows for boardies and bikinis as attire in the water. Spectators are encouraged to wear light clothing as the park does get fairly hot during daytime hours.

Something Special: Owners proudly informed WavePoolMag, “We are the only indoor high-performance surf park in the world, with heated temps year round!”

The Line Up Wai Kai – Oahu

The Lowdown: Hawaii’s first surf park features the world’s biggest  deep-water standing wave at 100-ft wide. Controllable settings for all level of surfers from beginners to high performance surfing including air sections. Based the birthplace of surfing, you’ll often be rubbing shoulders with world champs, big wave charges and a lot of the underground rippers of Hawaii. 

Accessibility: Open to the public, All-ages, Beginner surfer (with coaching and equipment), Intermediate, Advanced Reservations for surf sessions available on-line and digital waivers are required, as well as showing up a 1/2 hour before your session. Video coverage by Surfline (Premium member playback currently available). 

Wave Generating Technology: citywave

Wave’s Technical Information: Rapid wave (or deep water standing wave) with variable settings of height, air sections and intensity surfed either as a 100-foot-wide wave or broken up into two sections (30ft / 65ft) – see schedule when booking. Deep water technology allows to surf a real surfboard (this is not a sheet wave). Each session is max 10 surfers per channel to ensure lots of ride time. 

Hours of operation/Seasonal Hours: – check website for seasonal changes

  • Monday/Tuesday – 100ft wave (please check website for hours that change seasonally)
  • Wed-Thurs – 65ft/35ft waves with sessions starting at 12:00pm and last session start at 7:30pm 
  • Friday-Sunday – 65ft/35ft waves with sessions starting at 9:45am and last session starting at 8:15pm  
  • What it costs to surf at Wai Kai at the moment:

What it costs at The LineUp at Wai Kai at the moment:

  • 100-foot wave: $100 ($90 Kama’aina). 
  • 65-foot wave: $75 ($67.50  Kama’aina)
  • 30-foot wave: $60 ($54 Kama’aina)
  • Beginner Learn To Surf: $125 (112.50 Kama’aina)
  • Surfside Cabanas: $150-200 ($135-180) Kama’aina) 1/2 day
  • Wai Kai Lagoon – Play Your Way Pass:  $50 adult / $15 Kids (Kama’aina $45 & $13.50)
  • Aquaventure Course $35 adults / $30 Kids (Kama’aina $30 & $20). 

Pool Structure: The wave is surrounded by a restaurants, Cabanas, retail, event lawns, private beach set on the 52-acre Wai Kai Lagoon that offers paddle sports, e-foils and an all new Aquaventure course.  Something for everyone in the family! 

Waves per hour: One never-ending wave and you typically get 15-20+ waves per hour (up to 30-40 second leg burners!)

Atmosphere: Hawaii vibes and history.  The intimate setting of the wave so close to the spectating creates a vibe locals like to call “The Stoke Factory.”

Apparel: Mostly boardshorts and bikinis

Other questions: Email the team at [email protected] or call (808) 515-SURF (7873)

Ka’ana Wave Co. – British Columbia, Canada

ka'ana wave co

The Lowdown: Invented by Canadian boarder Jamie Watson, the CM7 standing wave system from Ka’ana Wave Co is a bathymetry-agnostic design that produces a wide variety of wave types via a dock that can be installed in almost any pool size. Wave type is changed by swapping out a shaping head on the machine. The CM7 differs from other rapid wave pools as it’s “bathymetry agnostic” – meaning there is not an underwater ramp that creates the wave.

Types of Waves: The interchangeable shaping heads produce everything from an Eisbach-like rapid to a barreling Zambezi river wave. Intensity and shape of that wave are also altered by adjusting flow volumes and velocities of water. Further refinement can be achieved by articulating the pitch and plunge of the head. All adjustments are controlled through sophisticated software.

Accessibility: This park popped up in 2022 for several weeks as a test facility near Squamish. The new wave pool with further amenities will return on a more permanent basis a few miles away.

Waves per hour: One never-ending wave, ride time varies by group size

Atmosphere: The Great White North goes surfing, but with the cool of British Columbia eh?

Apparel: Year-round wetsuits

Cost to surf British Columbia’s first wave pool:

Cold Season
30 Minutes CAD$$31.49 ($23US)
60 Minutes CAD$62.99 ($46US)

Shoulder Season
30 Minutes CAD$$34.99 ($25US)
60 Minutes CAD$68.99 ($50US)

Warm Season
30 Minutes CAD$$37.49 ($27US)
60 Minutes CAD$74.99 ($55US)

West Edmonton Surf Club – Edmonton Canada

Booked as “lessons” each 90-minute session costs $79

The Lowdown: Surf Nights at the West Edmonton Mall allows newbies and advanced surfers a chance to session this indoor chlorinated wonder. All sessions are coordinated through the West Edmonton Surf Club

Wave Technology: 1980s water drop system agitates swell into the shallows at 4-5 seconds apart.

Wave Size: 1-3ft and peaky, choppy. Waves come in sets about once a minute.

What it costs to surf Edmonton: Booked as “lessons” each 90-minute session costs $79. Lessons are usually offered once a week and capped at 10 people. After the lesson/orientation, anyone is welcome to come out to the surf club who typically get 2-4 sessions a week offered, usually at night. During the day, the wave pool is open to the general public. We get our chance to surf once the park closes.

Local Knowledge: Surf Club member Daniel Macyk says: “Depending on the day and time, it seems a typical session consists of 10-30 people. On quiet nights you can catch up to 50 plus waves. On busy nights it’s more in the 20-25 range.”

Vibe: Since it’s an indoor pool, the water is usually 25-28 (78-85F) degrees depending on how much sun shines through the large glass dome. Air temperature is typically set to 31C (90F) which makes it a nice relief from a snowy Canadian parking lot.