A few more deets on the Praia da Grama wave pool in Brazil

The new wave pool in Brazil grabbed the world’s attention last month with clips of Brazilian surf royalty enjoying Beast mode tubes and special aerial sections. But beyond the likes of Ian Gouveia and Miguel Pupo ripping, the project signals the first private club surf tank model.

Press materials claim it is the first private wave pool in the world, although sources tell us that a secret Surf Loch was completed last year in the Northeast US. What is significant is that Praia da Grama is running a similar model as three USA desert wave pool projects, Coral Mountain, Thermal Beach Club and DSRT Surf.

The Praia da Grama (Grama Beach) wave pool is built on a farm named Fazenda da Grama. It’s located in Itupeva, one hour away from São Paulo – close enough for a quick escape from the city.

The project is the result of a partnership between KSM Realty and Wavegarden as KSM looks to lock in Cove projects for the next 10 years in Brazil.

wave pool brazil drone shot
Drone view shows the surrounding sand that does not heat up in the bright sun

The Praia da Grama project is being done in phases. Phase 3 of the project, which has the artificial beach in its scope, is complete and ready to be sold. Phase 4, with 121 new home lots, will officially launch shortly.

“After the success we had with phase 3 of the project, we envision the continuation of the partnership with KSM as Wavegarden’s representatives in the country because we realized that the technology adds value to the square meter and generates liquidity; with that, we position ourselves in the market of real estate projects”, said Oscar Segall, partner and CEO of KSM.

Praia da Grama, with a sand strip of almost a kilometer in length, was designed to appeal beyond surfers. For this reason, a beach environment was recreated with sand, waves, “natural pools”, beach volleyball and beach tennis courts, as well as a swimming pool with 25-meter lanes. The company says that practically everything that is done on a beach on the coast is possible at Praia da Grama.

Access is available only to the residents of the resort and their guests.

wave pool brazil
The development features golf and an equestrian center among other things

Quick stats on Praia da Grama

28 thousand square meters of overall pool

Sand that does not heat up in the bright sun

The entire project occupies 91,000 square meters and includes a golf course and equestrian center (above image)

There will be 30 types of waves on offer from Wavegarden

The Cove makes 900 waves per hour but typically runs lower

Wavegarden is responsible for maintenance for seven years

A Wavegarden employee will be on-site for two years and training a team exclusively for maintenance

The amenities surrounding the wave pool are arranged like an amphitheater, with the waves as the stage