Adaptive surf champs fire at Snowdonia wave pool

The world’s best adaptive surfers hit Adventure Parc Snowdonia to compete in the Welsh Adaptive Surf Championships. The event, a first of its kind in a wave pool, saw former world champs Mark ‘Mono’ Stewart and Bruno Hansen mix it up with 24 athletes representing 13 nations.

The surfers competed in three categories, standing (AS1), kneeling (AS2) and prone (AS3). Australia’s Mark ‘Mono’ Stewart edged out hometown favorite Llewelyn Wiliams in the AS2 division. Williams was instrumental in bringing the event to Adventure Parc Snowdonia and the wave pool.

“It ticks all the boxes for us: guaranteed surf, fantastic food and accommodation, and world-class facilities in the most beautiful location,” said Williams. “Competing on consistent and reliable inland waves make for better competition, and the fact that spectators can get so close up to the waves makes it a much more interesting event.”

Many said the atmosphere at the event was amazing with competitors stoked to see each other compete and move through heats.

“I don’t think I’ve ever been to an event where everyone is so happy, even the guys who came in last,” said Lee Bartlett of the event.

The tour just finished an event in Hawaii and is currently in the Basque Country of Spain (no, not the Wavegarden Cove R&D facility). The two-day competition counts toward the ISA World Adaptive Surf Championships later this year in La Jolla California.

See below for full results and check the recap video.

AS1 (surfing standing up)

1 Robson Gasperi (Brazil)

2 Benoit Moreaut (France)

3 Jan Povazan (Czech Rep)

AS2 (surfing kneeling)

1 Mark ‘Mono’ Stuart (Australia)

2 Llywelyn Williams (Great Britain)

3 Masafumi Kobayashi (Japan)

AS3 (surfing prone/lying down)

1 Bruno Hansen (Denmark)

2 Mike Pingatore (USA)

3 Ethan Jolosa (Great Britain)

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