American Wave Machines to power desert wave pool

The Thermal Beach Club is back on the wave pool map after receiving approval from Riverside County this week.

The planned development in the Coachella Valley would have bungalows, villas, residences, a club house/restaruant, surrounding swim pool and bar all surrounding a state-of-the-art American Wave Machines wave pool.

Known as the Thermal Beach Club, the project by WhiteStar Development LLC would cover 240-acres in the Coachella Valley. The development will be luxury focused and tap into existing water rights.

According to their brochure, at the core is a 20 acre Crystal Surf Lagoon using AWM PerfectSwell technology – the same kind that we see at the BSR Surf Resort.

This technology is the engine behind Waco’s success. While not as long and perfect as Kelly’s wave nor as frequent as a fully cranked up Wavegarden Cove, PerfectSwell delivers what many surfers have described as the most fun wave pool on the market today.

The Thermal Beach Club will be near the Thermal Club, a luxury development with a private race track at its center where racing enthusiasts can buy into a motorsports themed club.

“The Thermal Beach Club is located within the community of Thermal,” the company said. “By securing a location with existing entitlements which include the lagoon and residential components, WhiteStar has fast tracked the pre-development process from both a time and capital perspective.”

The company also said that the 240 acres of vacant land includes sufficient water rights to provide for the 20 acre Crystal Lagoon and the potential for adding up to 70 acres of future Watersport lagoons. The project needs to secure an estimated $80Million in funding to be completed.

Once finished, there will be 326 units on 210 resident lots, a 16,000-square foot recreational centre with spa and exercise room and a 4,500 square foot clubhouse restaurant with bar and shops – plus all the water features and wave pool.

desert and tumbleweeds
Hard to imagine there are no less than four wave pools planned for the Coachella Valley

The area hosts the Thermal Club, a motorsport club and resort popular with wealthy residents who construct million-dollar homes around a private racing track. The new PerfectSwell technology would act much like the race track does for the motor set.

The whole project took a huge step forward as the county planning commission gave a unanimous vote. The Desert Sun reported that the vote greenlights Thermal Beach Club to be developed on Kohl Ranch. The next step is for the board of supervisors to the pass zoning and planning amendments.

The council likes the project, eyeing the potential tourist draw to a largely rural area with few employers and little tax revenue.

No groundbreaking or open gate dates have been given yet. We will keep you posted.

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