Another Roadside Attraction: Sky and Jackson’s visit to Palm Springs

We haven’t heard from Palm Springs in a while. Last spring it seemed every blogger-slash-surfer had stacked quite a few clips and content around this desert oasis. In between the Casey Niestadts and Ben Gravys of the Insta-sphere, the world’s favorite pool groms Sky Brown and Jackson Dorian enjoyed a fun day in the sun.

The two kids are wave pool connoisseurs having lit up YouTube with electric clips from Texas to Lemoore and this video from mid-2020 helps remind us that summer is around the corner.

Sky, the pint-sized skating, surfing livewire tapped her aerial skills honed through years of skatepark sessions and got creative in the pool. With his maturity-beyond-years panache, Jackson tweaked some beautiful airs against a backdrop of desert scrub and concrete. Here’s a look…