Battle those Bots! Captivating wave pool videos recommended by flawed humans

What’s appearing on your social media feed? Did your House Hunters International YouTube binge kick the surf clips off your suggested list? Did you inadvertently create a vortex of paint-choice tutorials pockmarked with Bed, Bath and Beyond adverts and nary a Ben Gravy suggestion? Blame the YouTube algorithm. “But algorithms and their bots are wonderful,” you say. The one on Wish.com helped me find a gift for my weird aunt who collects sad duck figurines.

In a recent interview with Vox, University College of London Mathematician Hannah Fry pointed out that your friendly algorithms are helpful because we humans suck at quite a few things.

“We’re bad at being consistent. We get tired and sloppy. Algorithms possess none of those flaws. They’re incredibly consistent. They never get tired, and they’re absolutely precise. The problem is that algorithms don’t understand context or nuance.”

Without context or nuance your YouTube, Google or Instagram feed contracts, pushing out the same recommended accounts and clips repeatedly. You have to act to change this. But it takes a lot of energy to find newness on the inter-web.

Lucky for you WavePoolMag has done the work and now presents to you the WavePoolMag Most Excellent Mix Tape #6! (announced with jazz hands for extra-dramatic effect!) It’s a collection of epic new videos (and a couple of older ones) compiled completely free of algorithms. These gems were simply slung together by our messy, flawed humanness. Screw the bots! We chose these clips because they, for one reason or another, appealed to the sloppy, carbon-based life forms here at the office. Enjoy.