Be Kind Rewind: Our 10 favorite Wavegarden clips

From knee-high peelers in a pond lined with black plastic to crystal clear Cove barrels, as part of our Be Kind Rewind Series we showcase the top 10 Wavegarden video edits.

Since 2010 we’ve been fed a steady stream of digital amazement with clips of Wavegarden wave pools. Footage of touring pros at the beta version of the Wavegarden Lagoon ripping knee-high surf fired our collective stoke. Suddenly, human-made waves were more than just chlorine dribblers at gaudy waterparks – they were shred-able.

Soon after, in 2011 Wavegarden built a larger lagoon with a wave foil that went in both directions. This new wave pool had a central pier, a bit of landscaping and a small test wave that broke top-to-bottom with longer rides.

By the time the first commercial Lagoon opened at Snowdonia in 2015, rumours of an even better wave were circulating.

When Wavegarden introduced their Cove technology, it changed everything. You could now get barrelled and catch more waves during a wave pool session.

And it could be YOU who is getting barrelled next as Wavegarden Cove facilities are in the building or planning stages for Coachella California, Florida, Virginia Beach, New York, Edinburgh, Bristol, London, Paris, Lacanau, Switzerland, Barcelona, Madrid, Malaga, Sao Paulo, Garopaba, Marrakesh, Tel Aviv, Melbourne, Sydney, Perth, Seoul and Santiago.

Did we miss a few? Yes. Because right now as you read this someone, somewhere is signing on the dotted line for a new Wavegarden Cove wave pool project.

The world wakes to the potential of human-made waves

In 2009 Wavegarden built their first demo model. Shortly after, the first clip of pros riding human-made waves aired online. The demo model was small, lined with construction tarp and super washy. But it provided us a glimpse of what was possible while ushering in a new era of wave pools.

Enhanced lagoon tech with Dane Reynolds, Taj and crew

In 2011 they replaced the original demo model with a larger, bi-directional foil to generate waves. The expanded lagoon produced bigger surf and longer rides. The usual cast of touring pros came by to session and sing the praises of Wavegarden’s technology.

Light it up! Night surfing is a thing

In this edit creative lighting gives the test lagoon a dreamy, alien ambiance. The sheer beauty of the waves, backlit by powerful lights, would be worth the price of admission on its own. There’s also something about the spray from turns that looks super artsy. However, Wavegarden’s motives are probably more business than arty. This clip illustrates the potential for keeping a park operating for longer business hours. With lighting, it would be possible to open a 24-hour wave pool.

First glimpse of Cove technology

While we were excited about the peeling lefts and rights of the Lagoon, when the world woke to the crystal clear barrels of the new Cove R&D facility, a new era in wave pools truly dawned. Now you could get barreled in wedgy righthanders.

So, what can the Cove actually do?

Geeky tech stuff. Sort of. While not focused on one session or team, in this clip we are treated to an overview of the Cove’s capabilities. The gravelly voice of Californian Dave Mailman rifles off stats, figures and future potential, of this new design. Along with more waves and barrels, the design can be customized to fit almost any project footprint.

French surfing power couple Maud and Joan

Maud Le Car and Bayonne’s Joan Duru ventured down from Basque Country France to Basque Country Spain for this edit. Summer vibes abound and it’s the first edit we see of the Cove without wetsuits. Maud kills with her forehand snaps while Joan’s backside hacks stun.

Slab setting with Filipe

To make the tight space at the Cove R&D facility a little more exciting, Wavegarden tweaked its software and pumps to throw out a “slab” setting. The result? Air drops and the promise of full-size cove sites throwing out bigger, backless waves for the “expert” sessions.

Surf-starved countries practice at the Cove

The Chinese surf team sent six members and coach Peter Townend to the Basque Country to session at the Cove. This clip brings to light the potential of non-surfing nations now training their best athletes in and out of the ocean. A year later China would debut their own wave pool.

Glowsticks optional: Cove nightsurf looks like this

Further refining their offerings to prospective park operators Wavegarden pushed ahead with more lighting designs for their night time sessions. Operators like this concept as they will be able to stay open longer and sell more aper-surf beers.

Rip Curl team and Hans and Kai Odriozola

The latest from Wavegarden is the Rip Curl team of Nikki van Dijk and the super gloms Hans and Kai Odriozola. Yes it’s a standard “pros ripping the Cove” video edit, but we like the steady moves of Hans and Kai and the super flow and grace of Nikki.

BONUS: Wavegarden’s history!

A quick two-minute jaunt through Wavegarden’s history through the Wavegarden lense. On the eve of so many projects opening globally and in the planning stages, it’s good to take a quick look back.

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