Belgian tech AllWaves enters the wave pool market, opens up investment 

AllWaves, based in the coastal town of Knokke-Heist, has carved out a spot for itself on the world wave-making stage. 

“Unlike many of our competitors, AllWaves prides itself on creating wave pools that blend seamlessly into their natural surroundings,” said Marie-Laure Clement, CCO at AllWaves. “This commitment to aesthetic integration ensures that every AllWaves installation feels like a natural extension of the environment, enhancing the overall experience for surfers and spectators alike.”

AllWaves says they have made significant strides in energy efficiency by leveraging advanced engineering and innovative design. The company states that their wave pools use significantly less energy than traditional models which makes them a more sustainable option for developers. The company’s technology is also designed to ensure safety.

“From beginners taking their first ride to seasoned pros chasing the perfect wave, our commitment to safety, combined with the versatility of our waves, makes AllWaves a preferred choice for a wide range of surfing facilities,” said Geert Nauwelaerts, co-founder & COO of AllWaves.

Meeting the Market Demand: A New Investment Round

The wave pool market is experiencing unprecedented growth. To capitalize on this momentum, the company is launching a new investment round aimed at industrializing its production process. This strategic move will enable AllWaves to scale up its operations and meet the increasing demand for design.

“We’re incredibly excited about the opportunities ahead,” says Steven Nauwelaerts, CEO of AllWaves. “This investment round is a pivotal step in our journey to bring sustainable, high-quality wave pools to a global audience. By industrializing our production process, we can increase our capacity, reduce costs, and deliver our products to the global market.”

The funds raised in this round will be used to streamline manufacturing, enhance research and development, and expand AllWaves’ global footprint. 

AllWaves technology Belgium wave pool

“Investors will not only be supporting a company with a proven track record of innovation but also contributing to the growth of a market poised for significant expansion,’ added Steven. “Investing in AllWaves offers a unique opportunity to be part of a transformative journey in wave pool technology.”

AllWaves makes this announcement during a period of unprecedented growth in the wave pool market. 

“AllWaves has consistently demonstrated its ability to innovate and set new standards in the industry,” continued Geert Nauwelaerts. “By investing in this new round, stakeholders have the chance to ride the crest of this wave and contribute to a future where surfing is accessible, sustainable, and endlessly thrilling.”

AllWaves is accepting investor queries at the following email address: [email protected]