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Ben Gravy discovers tidal bore wave pool design

We love Ben Gravy. He makes a living being happy. And he should. Against our collective Charlie Brown funk, he’s like a gap-toothed Peppermint Patty eternally frothing, forever stoked. And it’s contagious because it’s genuine. In the superlative-heavy sphere of YouTube posts, Ben Gravy claims in his latest episode, “This is the most epic novelty wave I’ve ever seen in my life.”

What is it? Gravy discovered a human-made tidal bore in Tennessee during a pre-opening tour of the Soaky Mountain waterpark. Park builders ADG hosted Gravy and set him loose in their wave pool and new lazy river. It’s the lazy river that generates a never-ending whitewater, much like the Mascaret in France or the Severn Bore in the UK.

While not the circular wave pool pumping out a never-ending wave a la the designs of Greg Webber, Phil Roberts, and Kelly Slater, this one still looks like heaps of fun. Check Gravy’s video below. The lazy river surf starts at the 11:50 mark

Top: Screengrab of drone video by Ben Gravy/Ryan Mack Photo

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