Television: Skim-centric wranglings with Blair and Koa

It’s like a buddy movie without famous actors: giddy, spontaneous and punchdrunk (we’ll blame the jet lag.) One of the most innovative skim-to-surf crossover personalities Blair Conklin took Ultimate Surfer contestant and Skeleton Bay standout Koa Smith on a skim-centric trip to BSR in Waco Texas. The two trade surf craft and barrels and a few airs with poolside banter filling the gaps.

“After watching him shred on my skimboard at the wavepool, I have come to the conclusion that this kid can ride any board you give him,” Blair says of Koa.

Special bonus is snowboarding legend Zeb Powell setting the gold standard for beginning surfers.

“He was stanidng up, going down the line, and doing turns,” adds Blair. “That is absolutely unheard of for your fifth time ever surfing. The fact that he was riding as small of a board a he was is incredible on its own.”