It’s Bobby, Bethany, Parker and Jett season in Waco

Ever wanted to twiddle the dials at the BSR wave pool? Launch airs with Bethany? Throw heavy middle-aged hacks with Bobby Martinez?

The slick production of the Coffin Brothers known as Young Wise Tales got to do all that. In their latest edit Parker Coffin travels to Waco Texas for a little behind-the-scenes and a whole bunch of flaring.

“I’m literally making waves for people right now,” Parker shares via FaceTime from BSR’s control booth.

Good times roll until the crew gets pulled out due to a lightning strike. Once the all-clear is given it’s twilight already. The group then resumes the session under flood lights. For one surprise wave, programmers throw in the Freak Peak for Parker.

Check the full edit below, including heavy panache from Bethany Hamilton. As well as some beautiful straight airs from Bobby Martinez.

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