Pros on Progression: From ocean to wave pool and back again

In a recent clip by American Wave Machines promoting their Perfect Swell technology, the California company interviewed Stab High competitors to find out how surfing in a wave pool aids in the progression of surfing.

Not surprisingly, the crew including Kevin Schulz, Matt Meola, Mason Ho and Chippa Wilson confessed that the wave pool has helped their surfing immensely. And given them an edge in the ocean.

“You can think up stuff and find out if it’s real or not, or if our bodies can do it,” said Mason Ho. “For me I’ve done a few things here that I haven’t been able to do in the ocean.”

Chippa Wilson noted a similar payoff for his ocean-surfing skills.

“As far as progression, you come here one time and you leave with four new tricks,” said Chippa Wilson. “It’s the ultimate skate park.”

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