Coach-to-the-stars Glenn Hall signs on with Aventuur

Partnership will see Hall’s Micro Surf Academy become one of the world’s first surf park high-performance centers dedicated to improving technique in a controlled, repetitive wave pool environment.

Global surf park investor, developer and operator Aventuur Inc. (Aventuur) today announced its partnership with Micro Surf Academy (MSA) to deliver the world’s first surf park high-performance centers.

Recognizing the opportunity for surf parks to accelerate surfing progression and drive high-performance outcomes, former professional surfer and leading coach Glenn “Micro” Hall said the company specifically chose Aventuur to be MSA’s global surf park partner. 

Aventuur and MSA are now collaborating to deliver built-for-purpose training facilities at Aventuur’s projects around the world.

“Surfing is in the midst of a new boom in the sport,” said Micro. “It’s only 2021, but this decade has already seen surfing debut as an Olympic sport at the Tokyo games, new WSL tour formats for the Championship Tour and Challenger Series have been introduced, surf parks are being developed all over the world, and surf-specific coaching and training is becoming more widely accepted”.

Olympic surfing: Nikki van Dijk wavegarden cove
With surfing an Olympic sport, the stakes are high to get a competitive edge. The deal between Aventuur and Micro Surf Academy will help advance Aussie performance.

Since founding MSA, Micro has coached 2x World Champion Tyler Wright, Olympic Bronze medalist Owen Wright, Olympian Brisa Hennessy and WSL tour surfers Conner Coffin, Ace Buchan and Molly Picklum.

“I’ve been able to achieve a month’s work in a day with my athletes at surf parks, because you can identify and isolate those small details, those areas for improvement, and immediately address them. The progression of barrel riding and airs enabled by surf parks is phenomenal. Nothing will ever replace the ocean, but knowing exactly what a wave is going to do, and what section is coming at you, is unique to man-made surfing environments.” 

Despite the industry’s infancy, surf parks are already proven training grounds and competitive arenas. Personalized coaching and development programs delivered at surf parks unlock the capability to rapidly improve the performance of all surfers, from first-timers to World Title contenders.

“With surf parks increasing access to high-quality waves, experienced coaches, video capture and personalized feedback, there’s never been a better time to be a surfer,” said Nicholas Edelman, Aventuur’s Co-Founder and CEO.

“Surf parks are democratizing surfing because they provide safe, positive and inclusive environments for people to progress their skills, build confidence, push themselves and try new things”

Aventuur, Inc. is a global surf park developer and investor, with its APAC offices located in Perth, Western Australia and its American offices in Los Angeles, CA. Micro Surf Academy (MSA) is a surf coaching and mentoring academy for beginner to elite surfers, headed up by former World Tour surfer Glenn “Micro” Hall.