New coaching software targets the wave pool set

A new surf coaching program launched recently to capitalize on the repetitive surfing available in wave pools, The Pactto app is the brainchild of Demian Borba, a product manager from Brazil, who saw a need for an ease-of-use coaching app in the surf park space.

“We have surfers from beginner to advanced using Pactto to accelerate their progress, even remotely,” said Demian. “I’m personally coaching a ton of people that practice at Waco Surf in Texas, and I’m based in Oceanside, California.”

The coaching platform is focused on enabling surf parks, surf camps, training facilities, and coaches to help surfers seeking to improve their technique. He sees rapid expansion in the market place with surf parks soon offering precise video reviews onsite and online.

Demian says Pactto allows surf park coaches to load videos directly from memory cards or hard drives, then brand the experience with their own logos, record precise feedback using drawings, slow motion, voice, or video, and also load comparison videos. Then they share the review with learners via email or as an MP4.

“We have great coaches on the platform, helping surfers in different parts of the world,” said Demian. “And the ones surfing wave pools are the ones progressing the fastest. For instance, professional coach Adam Knox works closely with people surfing the Typhoon Lagoon wave in Florida. And it’s incredible to see how much progress these surfers are making.”

Main Image: Sarah Beardmore at Surf Lakes. Photo by Elke Mai

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