Coming to America: Three US wave pools embrace Australia’s Flowstate video capture system

Flowstate officially launched this week in the United States, announcing partnerships with wave pools Waco Surf (Texas), Fireside Surf (Texas), and Revel Surf (Arizona). This means that in six months time half of America’s wave pools will be using the Flowstate system.

The deals cover three separate locations and four different wave pool technologies. The company said these collaborations underscore Flowstate’s commitment to working with industry innovators to elevate the standard of wave pool experiences across the country.

“We spent much of 2023 traveling the world to better understand the different wave-making technologies and listening to operators about what’s working, what’s challenging, and getting insights into what makes each operation unique,” said Luke Wallace, Flowstate CEO. “This research has placed us in a great position to partner with pioneers in the industry.”

Flowstate’s said they designed the AI technology to help amplify the guest experience through automated video content while also creating additional revenue streams for operators. The product also produces a suite of data and analytics for activity in the pools.

flowstate at fireside
Fireside Dallas is scheduled to launch on 6th March, 2024.

“We’re beyond stoked to be partnering with Flowstate in 2024 and into the future to give our guests the most well-rounded video content capture tech out there, and to be able to offer our guests a seamless video option to supplement our photography program,” said Mike Schwaab, Waco Surf General Manager. “Flowstate’s tech has proven to be first-in-class in terms of video capture, and will help our guests make sure that they return home with the proof that they really were shredding out here.”

Flowstate’s launch at Waco Surf, Fireside Surf, and Revel Arizona promises to be a pivotal moment for the American wave pool scene, showcasing the potential for cutting-edge technology to revolutionize how surfers experience wave pool surfing and hone their skills via a combination of surfing ‘reps’ in the pool paired with video analysis.

“We’ve been inspired by surfing from various locations around the world and we’re stoked to be bringing this influence to Fireside Surf in Dallas,” said Patton Nix, Fireside Surf Co-Founder. “From the water to the kitchen, our menu in the restaurant is inspired by surf spots globally. We’re drawing inspiration from Flowstate and how we create an engaging customer experience using video and photos on the Flowstate platform to help build and drive our new community.”

The Flowstate team working on site. Their unique AI video capture system is now at URBNSURF Melbourne, Fireside Surf, Waco Surf and Revel Surf Park.

Luke Wallace, CEO of Flowstate, reiterated the importance of the company’s innovative AI technology and why it’s received such a warm welcome in the USA.

“Our partnerships with Waco Surf, Fireside Surf, and Revel Arizona reflect our commitment to collaborating with industry pioneers to create amazing experiences at each unique venue,” said Luke. “What we’ve witnessed at URBNSURF in Melbourne with the acceleration of surfing progression from the everyday surfer has been nothing less than remarkable. The feedback we keep hearing is that ‘I’m now surfing the best I’ve ever surfed in my life thanks to Flowstate and the ability to watch back surf sessions.’ We can’t wait to bring this level of stoke to the surfers of America.”

Surfers will be able to access their Flowstate videos at each venue once they open in 2024. Waco Surf is scheduled to re-open after the Winter break on 1st March, 2024. Fireside Dallas is scheduled to launch on 6th March, 2024, and Revel Surf, Arizona is scheduled to launch in the Summer of 2024.