Clip compares the world’s three Cove wave pools

With the unveiling of surf at both Urbnsurf Melbourne and The Wave Bristol, we now have footage of three different Wavegarden Coves.

In celebration we’ve created this clip to show off these new surf spots in sequence starting with Urbnsurf who unveiled footage of their waves peeling off on the “Tubos” setting. Next is Bristol and then the Wavegarden R&D facility deep in the Basque Country.

Mad wave inventor and Wavegarden founder Josema Odrioloza still has to go on-site and adjust and tweak the settings of his invention now delivering surf in two separate hemispheres.

While it’s still early days for both Melbourne and Bristol (expect heaps more size and variety) this video gives us a general idea of what is happening at each location. Who’s up for a surf?