Off-the-cuff-airs: Jacob Szekely lights up Waco

There’s a wonderful reckless abandon to Jason Szekely’s airs, like he didn’t decide what move he was gonna do until mid-flight. It looks sometimes haphazard, but then, he pulls it. We became fans after watching the evolution of his judo airs at the Waco wave pool, a maneuver that somehow evolved into something completely different mid-ride. By the end of the clip we’ll just call it a Szekely Air.

Szekely has a long and storied history. A 2018 National Champ who goes by the nickname of Zeke, Stab Magazine has covered his run ins with the law, jail time and, ultimately, his fight to become a better human. Josh Kerr describes Jason as “loose, erratic, spontaneous and stylish,” which is what attracted us to this recent clip from his exploits in Waco.

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