Confirmed: Oceanside wave pool moving ahead

Editor’s Note: The Oceanside wave pool story is resurfacing after a social media post by a local realtor got picked up by the newswires. Media outlets are running the same information that was available last year. The below interview with the developer appeared on WavePoolMag in September 2023. We are reposting it now to help field a surge of inquiries.

The land around Ocean Kamp has been undergoing construction for a couple of years now. There was talk, we saw a few renderings about a wave pool, but no tell-tale footprint of an artificial wave machine. We know this because surfers in Oceanside are a dedicated lot, sending us photos of the construction site and asking for updates.

OceanKamp is being built on a 92-acre parcel on the former site of a drive-in theatre. It is now being transformed into 700 housing units as part of a “California Lifestyle Community Development.” The project will host residential, commercial, and recreational amenities, including a 3.5-acre wave pool. In addition, expect 667 all-electric, solar-powered homes, a 300-room resort hotel, and 134,000 square feet of retail and office space. Ten percent of the development will be designated as affordable housing.

We wanted to find out when you’ll be able to surf unsalted in Oceanside. In previous news reports, there were no less than three different development companies cited as being behind the project, Zephyr, N4FL and O’Side Partnership LLC. To understand the current state of the wave pool in Oceanside we reached out to Jon Corn the President of N4FL, the company now spearheading the project. He was kind enough to answer a few, brief questions.

Was O’Side partners LLC was Zephyr at one time?  

The original ownership entity included the word “Zephyr” in the corporate name.  This entity was a partnership between N4FL and Zephyr Partners.  After we (N4FL) bought Zephyr out of the project, I changed the corporate name to O’Side Partnership, LLC.

How is the construction of OceanKamp going?
Super well.  Mass grading is almost complete and we are now working on our roadway and utility designs and City approvals.

When will the pool open and/or will you open in phases?
We plan to build the pool in 2025 and open it in early 2026.

oceanside wave pool plan by OceanKamp

What are total project costs?
Hard to answer this question because there is so much to it but the wave lagoon and surf center will cost approximately $45m.

How can surfers get in early to own property here?
At the appropriate time, we will start accepting reservations and/or an interest list.

What type of technology will you use?
We lean strongly to pneumatics, but that’s as much as I can say right now. 
(Editor’s note: Pneumatic technology includes wave pools made by Surf Loch, Endless Surf and PerfectSwell)

Anything else you’d like to share about the project?
OceanKAMP is moving right along as planned. Our shared excitement with the community for its opening is powering us forward and stoking our passion! We can’t wait to see surfers from Oceanside, SoCal, and from around the world get in our wave lagoon to catch perfect waves all year long. OceanKAMP has been years in the making, and every day we get closer and closer to delivering a world-class destination that will serve the local Oceanside community as well as visitors, create new housing, office and retail options, and fully embody SoCal’s world-renowned surf culture.

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