Beast Bargain: What is the cost of insane barrels?

Those wave settings once reserved for pros and private parties are now open to the paying public. Urbnsurf announced today they will add new Expert surfs to their current menu. The sessions will host just 12 surfers on each side of Melbourne’s first Wavegarden Cove and offer a variety of waves including the famous Beast setting.

Priced at $129AUS, the company says surfers can expect around 18 barrels per session which works out to around seven bucks a tube. Fine tuning the offerings, Urbnsurf said they will also adjust conditions to keep things interesting and take advantage of the wind.

“You’ll be served up variants of our famed Beast mode – when it’s onshore, you’ll get two versions that stay more open with the wind,” Urbnsurf said in a statement. “When it’s offshore, we’ll add Beast Plus to the mix as it needs the wind to make the thick, slabbing pit makeable.”

As an added measure of safety Urbnsurf will offer free Gath helmets to those who wish to use them.