Dallas developers tour latest offering from Surf Park Summit

The Dallas Developers Tour took place on May 30-31 and drew in numerous industry professionals, developers, investors, and operators. Participants attended the event to acquire firsthand insights into the establishment and management of surf-anchored venues.

Despite unexpected thunderstorms and rainfall, the two-day event showcased the determination and dedication of the surf park community. The gathering occurred at Goodsurf in Deep Ellum, offering attendees a day of expert discussions, networking opportunities, and a chance to experience citywave® surfing.

Day One: Facing Challenges and Acknowledging Achievements

Attendees gathered at Goodsurf in Deep Ellum as the skies opened up. The rain did not deter those interested in exploring the future of surf parks. The day commenced with a keynote address by Dr. Jess Ponting, CEO of Surf Park Central, who shared exclusive data and insights on the thriving surf park industry. This set the tone for a day focused on inspiration and education.

Industry leaders, such as Andrew Limbocker, owner of Citywave USA, and Zach Shor, CEO of Goodsurf, took the stage to present “The Journey in Building Goodsurf along with Citywave North America,” offering a behind-the-scenes look at surf-anchored real estate creation. A Q&A session with Surf Park Central’s Chris Kluesener followed, allowing attendees to delve deeper into surf park development intricacies.

Rainer and Dennis Klimaschewski from citywave Global shared their experiences in “Lessons Learned Building Standing-Wave Venues Across the World,” providing insights from their global ventures. Colin Anderson from the Adaptive Training Facility emphasized inclusivity in surf parks, demonstrating how these venues can cater to surfers of all abilities.

Despite the rain, attendees remained engaged as they donned hard hats for an exclusive tour of the Goodsurf construction site. Andrew Limbocker and Zach Shor guided them through the future hotspot, sharing their vision and progress. The day concluded with a networking session and surf session.

Day Two: Expanding Horizons and Building Connections

The event continued as attendees journeyed north to Fireside Surf. The day featured a discussion with Billy Adams and Patton Nix, titled “From Concept to Completion: Key Takeaways from Building a Texas Surf Park.” Live presentations and a Q&A session provided a comprehensive understanding of surf park development.

A management breakout session and a facility tour offered further insights into the operational aspects of surf parks. Attendees experienced the wave themselves, followed by a meal provided by the Splash Lounge. The journey concluded with a visit to Waco Surf, a park known for its ocean-like waves, showcasing the potential and excitement of surf-anchored destinations.

“The Dallas Developers Tour confirmed for us that the surf park industry has reached a critical mass,” said Dr Jess Ponting. “Nearly 100 people attended across two days and three surf parks, engaging in education, networking, and a lot of fun. It was inspiring to see almost half of the attendees at their first surf park event, all making significant industry connections. That’s what success looks like from our perspective.”

Surf Park Central said they have plans already in motion to host the Surf Park Summit in San Diego this September, with more regional events soon after.