Deeper dive into the Alaia Bay air section

The air section at Alaia Bay in Sion at the base of the Swiss Alps is simply world class… just ask Hawaiian Ezekiel Lau.  Lau sessioned the air section for three days straight with a bunch of European pros including PC Distinguin, Enzo Cavallini, Vicente Romero, Yago Dominguez, and Kai and Hans Odriozola. And there was a breakthrough in each time.

Lau did more backflips in three days than he has done in his whole life. Kai and Hans Odriozola were attempting backflips themselves and got surprisingly close. Vicente Romero openly admitted that he stuck his best airs ever, while PC and Enzo spent hours trying to gain additional height and spin faster.

“For pro surfers or people that just want to get better at surfing, this wavepool thing is incredible” said Lau. “I’ve probably only done two backflips ever before I came here, and today I really got to work on my technique. The more I tried, the better I got. I think I landed 4-5 (backflips). It felt like I got better at surfing today”.