England welcomes latest wave pool plan

The Dorset wave pool is part of a development project by W H White called the Brocks Pine which would sit in the heart of Avon Heath Country Park and use Wavegarden Cove technology

A new wave pool proposal is being pitched in Dorset, England just north of Bournemouth International Airport. The current plan is to build a Wavegarden Cove at Avon Heath Country Park.

Developers W H White want to add the Brocks Pine project to the area which is popular for local recreation use as it hosts several walking trails, a playground and educational nature center. Should the project get the green light, the wave pool would update the structures and be constructed on land at the southeast of A31 Ringwood Road.

The project could be perfect in its timing as agriculture was traditionally the major industry of Dorset but has waned in recent years while the tourism economy continues to grow. Dorset’s a big draw with more than half of the county designated an “Area of Outstanding Natural Beauty” and much of the coastline to the south part of a World Heritage Site.

dorset wave pool main image
100 miles southwest of London is Avon Heath Country Park, the location that could get the green light for the Brocks Pine wave pool project

A spokesperson for the Brocks Pine project said they look forward to meeting the needs of the community while protecting the heathland.

“Key to the vision is, therefore, the opportunity to work collaboratively to create a much-improved country park, alongside a significant area of natural green space to preserve and protect the Dorset Heaths at no cost to the taxpayer.”

A press release stated that the wider Avon Heath Country Park will continue to be owned and operated by Dorset Council, providing the same popular facilities, open spaces and events that it does currently.

“A surf lagoon here in Dorset would cement the region’s reputation as a surf destination,” said a W H White spokesperson. “(It would) promote year-round linked trips and staycations, securing significant benefits to the tourism and hospitality economy in Dorset and help deliver the step-change required to lead the regional recovery from the Covid 19 pandemic.”

dorset wave pool main image
Site plans for Brocks Pine show the enhancement of current facilities along with the addition of a Wavegarden Cove

The project also received support from Surfing England this week.

“We’re stoked to see the plans coming forward from W H White to bring world-class waves and all the physical and mental health benefits of surfing to the south coast. We’re seeing wave technology evolve at a rapid pace and it’s going to be amazing to have this cutting edge facility within a country park development that puts Dorset on the world’s surfing map”

The group says they will use the latest solar photovoltaic technology to create on-site renewable energy, improve local water quality by reducing the level of nitrates, improve local air quality along the A31 corridor through new landscaping and provide new green space.

Developers W. H. White are now seeking comments so that the proposals can evolve before a planning application is submitted to Dorset Council. Feedback can be provided by calling 0800 080 3177 or by emailing [email protected].