EpicSurf granted Certified Autism Resource title

Aquatic Development Group (ADG) announced that their deep-water stationary surf wave EpicSurf, has been granted the title of a ‘Certified Autism Resource’ by the International Board of Credentialing and Continuing Education Standards (IBCCES).

The company said the current wave and surf pool movement will change the world by providing access to the sport of surfing, adding that many countries around the world utilize surfing as a form of therapy for PTSD, depression, anxiety, ASD, and other treatments.

“The proximity of coaches and spectators to the riders makes verbal communication while riding possible,” said Justin Speegle, Surfer, Veteran, AMPSurf Board Member. “The set up lends itself well to group therapy and team building in the sense that everyone is cheering on the rider. The surfer bond is one of the things that makes ocean surfing therapy successful but even when a group goes surfing together, the ride experience is not easily shared. This set up completely changes that.”

Epicsurf cited the technology’s compact footprint (a pool can fit within are regulation tennis court) as one of the reasons this form of non-prescription treatment will be more readily available to the masses.

Other benefits of using a rapid wave for those with ASD include providing consistent therapy platform, rhythmic sensation, safe environment and exposure to social interactions.

Consistency. EpicSurf is a consistent wave of water, meaning that the wave never changes. This predictability and repetition of the wave is an invaluable asset to those with ASD and not something the ocean can provide.

Rhythmic Sensation. For individuals that suffer with sensory overload, the crashing of the water can be very calming and provide a rhythmic sensation. The feeling of being immersed in or next to water allows the surfer to feel calm and ease anxiety.

Safety Concerns. EpicSurf has been designed with safety redundancies for the surfer and the parent’s piece of mind, including a quick stop/start button to quickly drain the wave dry in a matter of seconds, rapid wave adjustability to raise and lower the height of the wave to customize the experience for each surfer and their skill level, retractable training bars for support and balance, and adjustable pumps where the volume of the wave can be adjusted in order to allow instructors, therapists and trainers to stand in the wave and support the surfer.

Comradery & Social Interactions. One way that ASD is treated is through Relationship Development Intervention (RDI) which is a method to motivate the individual to participate and have shared social interactions. EpicSurf provides the surfer with a sense of belonging, comradery as other surfers cheer you on, and a bond with the instructors and/or therapists due to the compact footprint and intimacy of the interactions. This sense of community formed around surfing, and sense of accomplishment during a skill-based activity is something that provides social skills, solutions on how to react and speak to fellow surfers, a shared common interest, and the ability to practice these skills in a structured environment.