EpicSurf sponsors East Coast surfer Camden Hoover

EpicSurf announced their first-ever sponsored surf athlete this week. Camden Hoover is currently competing in the North American Qualifying Series for the World Surf League. She is utilizing EpicSurf as a training tool to improve skill and technique.

Unlike training in the ocean, wave pools offer real-time coaching with a team in close proximity. The compact setup allows surfers to maximize the number of repetitions they complete during a session.

When you first came to EpicSurf what was the experience like? Did you know anything about the wave?

At first, I didn’t know much about it, I just knew that it was a standing wave and was going to be different than anything I had ever surfed before. Seeing my friends surf it and have so much fun, I was really excited to try it out. My first ride I was like, “Oh my gosh this is so fun, we could do this for hours!” I really enjoyed EpicSurf and the more I got to ride it, the more comfortable I got surfing it and EpicSurf ended up being one of my favorite waves.

How is surfing EpicSurf similar and different compared to surfing the ocean?

The EpicSurf wave surfs the same as a real wave. I can use the same techniques and power that I do in the ocean. You can do top-to-bottom surfing easier and really work on your technique. I’m able to use the same amount of power on a turn that I can in the ocean. I was able to ride my real contest boards to train, and it was fun using shorter, narrower boards to flip around and work on tricks. EpicSurf is different in the sense that you can utilize it as a training tool more than the ocean. I can have my coach or my dad right next to the pool, giving me pointers and direction and I can do it right then and there instead of paddling in and back out. It saves you time and energy to really focus on your skills. The repetition allows me to do the same thing over and over again which I can’t do in the ocean. We also tried out all the different wave heights EpicSurf provides. The smaller 3 ft wave was fun to try new things on, but my favorite was the 5 ft wave because I could drop down to the bottom and go to the top and work on things like pushing more power into it. Even wiping out and falling was fun because you just fell into a wave, and it drags you to the back and you can hop right back on instead of paddling out and waiting for the next wave. EpicSurf offers more than the ocean can provide.

Do you think EpicSurf helped you improve your surf skills?

Yes! The EpicSurf wave can consistently run all day – something that doesn’t happen in the ocean. After practicing on EpicSurf, my arms were better, and I could move my body differently in ways I wasn’t able to before. I was putting more power into my turns and turn frontside and backside so consistently. Everything was a lot cleaner and sharper, I came home and won a contest the next week.After training for eight hours of the day on EpicSurf, I got in bed and could still feel my body moving with the wave it was so cool recapping the day. I’ve been on other wave pools and you have to paddle in and out every time and can’t hear critiques in real-time. I think EpicSurf is the best surfer training tool.

how does the epicsurf standing wave pool work

Do you think EpicSurf helps create a sense of camaraderie?

Yes! Everyone’s screaming and cheering each other on and happy for you, and that just makes you want to keep surfing and trying new things. I got to hang out with all my friends and make new ones, everyone there was amazing. I even got to meet professional skate boarder, Anthony Shelter, and skate with him. EpicSurf is an amazing place for people to come together, everyone is happy for each other, and laughing, it’s such a great environment. I want to share the fun that EpicSurf brings with everyone.

What was it like teaching beginners to use EpicSurf?

It was super fun, it’s cool seeing the happiness when they finally get the hang of it. For beginners like my mom and sister, you can get used to the wave and stand up and work on your balance easily, especially with the help of the training bars. The training bars help you get used to the wave and the power of the water moving. For beginners who are learning how to surf, EpicSurf is a great tool.

What competitions are you focusing on right now?

I am doing the North American Qualifying Series for the World Surf League. We are doing a bunch of contests around the world trying to qualify for the Dream World Surf League Tour to try to place highly and rack up points to make it to the Challenger Series to compete with the world’s best of the best, fighting for a spot in the Championship Tour.

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