Action-packed final day at the Alaïa Open Winter Cup in Switzerland

Pedro Menezes wins the Men’s Division in the inaugural Alaïa Open Winter Cup in Sion, Switzerland, Maud Le Car takes the Women’s Division, Kai Odriozola nabs Juniors and Jamie Veselko crowned kids’ champ.

The snow and rain stayed away for most of the day for the final heats of the Alaïa Open Winter Cup. Not exactly balmy, it was still a beautiful and fresh day for the finals at the Alaïa Bay wavepool facility. It was the first event of this magnitude to be held at the wavepool, and probably the first surf tournament to be held while it snowed.

It was top action all the way on finals day, as the surfers fought out some fierce battles to be in the cash and prizes. The finals day featured progressive surfing, some big aerial moves, and speed, power and flow scoring high from the judges. The surfers were in top form, and were not hindered at all by the cold conditions, paddling hard and surfing fast to advance through their heats.

Jamie Veselko was victorious in the super-competitive Kids Division, beating Alejo Valedi and Fransisco into minor positions. In the Junior Division, Kai Odrozola took the win from Hans Odriozola and Axel Domingues.

The Ladies Division was dominated by an experienced Maud Le Car, who beat dynamic Nadja Erostarbe Beiser into second and Lucia Martino into third place.

winter wave pool contest
Women’s finalists Nadja Erostarbe Geiser (Spain), Maud Le Car (France),
Lucia Martino de la Arena (Spain), Eveline Hooft (Germany). Photo Mike Wolf

The Men’s Division saw the Brazilian contingent rise up for the win, with power surfer and big wave charger Pedro Menezes taking the win from fellow Brazilian Franklin Serpa. Justin Becret had a great day on the opening day at Alaïa Bay but had to settle for third place in the finals.

The Alaïa Open Winter Cup was deemed a huge success, and surfers were stoked to be involved and to be competing in a surf event in Switzerland. From all accounts, it was an incredible experience, at one of the most unique surfing locations in the world.

First-time visitors to Alaïa Bay and those surfers who had never experienced a wave pool before were impressed by the wave’s power and perfection. It was also a first to be surfing in the snow for many competitors. The event was hardcore and all about the surfers, just as the event organisers had promised.

Alaïa Bay founder, Adam Bonvin, was also very stoked. “We at Alaïa Bay are happy that this inaugural event was such a success and that the surfers had a great time competing on the waves of Alaïa Bay,” said Bonvin. “Next year’s tournament will be bigger and better.”

winter wave pool contest alaia winter cup kids winners
Kids division winners Alejo Valedi (Canary Islands), Jamie Veselko (Portugal), Francisco Santos (Portugal)

Final Results

Jamie Veselko (Portugal)
Alejo Valedi (Canary Islands)
Francisco Santos (Portugal)
Kamiel Deraeve (Belgium

Kai Odriozola (Spain)
Hans Odriozola (Spain)
Axel Dominguez (France)
Francisco Ordonhas (Portugal)

Maud Le Car (France)
Nadja Erostarbe Geiser (Spain)
Lucia Martino de la Arena (Spain)
Eveline Hooft (Germany)

Pedro Menezes (Brazil)
Franklin Serpa (Brazil)
Justin Becret (France)
Hans Odriozola (Basque Country)

The Alaïa Open Winter Cup, in partnership with the Swiss Surfing Association, is supported by Tudor, Boardriders Alaïa Bay, Quiksilver, Mastercraft, Nidecker Snowboards, Wavegarden, Realfly, Audacia Group, Alpine Helicopters, Toyota Switzerland and Red Bull.

Heat scores can be reviewed here via LiveHeats. All the event information can be found here

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