Firewire launches Artificial Wave Technology boardbuild, partners with Awayco

Surfboards are beautiful. We’ve all lusted after and coveted a model from time to time. For many of us, chasing the perfect board is as obsession-ridden as chasing perfect waves. But finding a craft which is as fine-tuned as it is ding-resilient, well, that’s a tough nut to crack – terrible pun wholly intended. 

Wave pools are tougher on surfboards than your average beachbreak, pointbreak and reefbreak. Why? The intensity of the wave is one component (Kelly’s Surf Ranch regularly breaks boards). And the close proximity of concrete walls and shallow concrete bottoms is the other. These oh-too-close-for-comfort contact points mean your board has a higher propensity to get smashed during a session.

Simon Ashford, a local surfer and member of Urbnsurf Boardriders in Melbourne, said in a recent interview that you can always tell regulars at the wave pool because of the dings on their boards. 

“I doubt there is a nose left on any of my quiver now,” said Simon. “All my boards have dodgy nose repairs. I used to get professional repairs but these days I just do a quick patch up myself.”

To counter the tougher-than-average conditions surfboards face in an artificial wave environment, Firewire has launched the new Artificial Wave Technology line. Tough and lightweight, they are specifically designed to better withstand wave pool walls and shallow concrete bathymetry.

Firewire has taken their durable Helium2 construction and added a reinforced carbon strip wrap around the nose and tail of the AWT line. They’ve also reinforced the fin boxes to withstand extra pressure. The result is a sled ready for the rigors of wave pool surfing, whether it’s a traveling wave pool or a standing rapid wave pool.


Partnering with Awayco

As international borders begin to open and wave pool constructions ramp up around the globe, the opportunity to take trips to pools far-far-away is becoming possible. This is good news for surfers. But it also presents problems. Taking a board with you may be a hassle due to luggage restrictions and, let’s face it, baggage handlers have as much respect for surfboards as orcas have compassion towards slow-moving penguins.

Hiring is a great option, provided you can guarantee a quality board will be waiting for you. Firewire and Awayco formed a board rental software partnership to make the AWT line readily available around the globe.

Awayco is a full-service online platform built for surf and snow businesses. It enables customers to reserve and rent out equipment and accessories from shops around the world. Stores get visibility through brand websites, the Awayco network and can manage their hire inventory through the app. It’s really popular with the try-before-you-buy set, as well as those who like to travel light.