Rob Machado & Dan Mann explore new design at the Surf Ranch

The Mashup was initially conceived by both Dan Mann and Rob Machado. Rob asked Dan if there was a way he could sprinkle some ‘shortboardisms’ into his favorite Seaside, and Dan was quick to take lessons learned from the FRK, Spitfire and other designs of his, and incorporate them into the Seaside. Where they landed was a perfect mix of the Seaside and the Dominator II, with a little bit of Spitfire sprinkled in.

According to Dan, much of the Mashup’s performance relies on volume distribution lessons that Rob learned from the Seaside, and fin / rocker / concave relationships that Dan has learned from working with Kelly Slater, Brodi Sale, Betty Lou Sakura Johnson, Kevin Schulz and other elite surfing talents.

After surfing the Mashup in the ocean at varied beach breaks and point breaks, both Rob and Dan decided the board was final and done one Monday at Surf Ranch when Kelly Slater didn’t just invite them to surf with him for the day, he also rode the Mashup himself, as seen in this video.