First look at Palm Springs Surf Club footage

From the comfort and the convenience of our digital devices, we are privy to a world of surf spots once only known by a privileged few. The two A-List guides in the YouTube era of surf exploration are Ben Gravy and Dylan Graves. Stoke-able vloggers who couldn’t be more different from each other.

While Gravy bounces around like a puppy, Graves explores the trippy fringe of surfing. Both are amazing digital spaces. But they are, well, just very different. Gravy is the All-American kid at Disneyland. Graves is that guy dressed like a shaman handing out grapefruits at Burning Man.

With his slack-toned speech and dead delivery, he is the surfing world’s stoner scientist, searching out and studying novelty surf through his series Weird Waves.

The Palm Springs Surf Club granted a license to Graves for the first official peek at the new SurfLoch wave pool. He is joined by Cheyne Magnusson (top photo) and the two push the SurfLoch wave settings to the max.