First Peek: Urbnsurf Sydney renderings unveiled as site gets approval

Last December, Urbnsurf announced they were focusing on delivering another wave pool, this time to be located in Sydney only 14km west of the CBD, at Sydney Olympic Park.
“We are stoked to share with you the first glimpses of Urbnsurf Sydney,” the company announced. “The $50 million development will be set on 3.6 hectares (similar in size to the SCG) and will harness the state-of-the-art Wavegarden “Cove” technology, capable of generating a wave every eight seconds. Surfers will be able to catch around 10 to 12 waves in an hour in a non-competitive line-up.”

In addition to the waves, the surf park will also feature a high-performance center, working spaces, cafes rooftop bar, yoga studio, leisure pool for families, surf academy staffed with coaches, beach cabanas, surf shop, hot tubs, kids’ playground, and more. 

urbnsurf sydney plans
Urbnsurf Sydney plans showing part of the $50 million development

Earlier this year in an interview with WavePoolMag, CEO Damon Tudor said they hadn’t yet committed to Wavegarden’s Cove tech for planned venues in Perth and Brisbane, but that Sydney would be all Cove.

“Urbnsurf Sydney will be our second Wavegarden Cove project, and we’re excited to build on the success we’ve achieved in Melbourne,” said Tudor. “Given the rapid advances we’re seeing in the industry, we’re open to other technologies for our future locations because those sites are different sizes, and have different consumer demographics.”

The announcement for this week along with the artist renderings speak of and show a state-of-the-art Cove for Sydney, a daring promise in the age of COVID. But Tudor is feeling confident.

“Our immediate priority is Sydney. COVID slowed down our development process, having created so much uncertainty in the market. We’d just opened Melbourne but had to spring into survival mode. But once we saw numbers getting a bit more under control in Australia, and we gained a better understanding on what it meant for the markets, we wanted to get moving – fast… our plan is to break ground in the middle of the year, and open for Summer 2022/2023.”

$50 million development
Urbnsurf has a long-running relationship with Wavegarden Cove, the tech that will power their Sydney facility

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