Fistful of Groms-In-Pools-Clips courtesy of former world champ turned Zeus look-alike

Returning for its 17th year in 2022 the Barton Lynch Blast Off this year is a Video Challenge showcase for groms to get their clips out into the world, and receive coaching advice and prizes. Last year saw 500 video entries submitted from 22 countries with winners named across 10 categories.

While ocean clips dominate the majority of entries, there’s an emerging trend of wave pool clips peppering the collection. This year WavePoolMag decided to showcase a handful of those.

Meet, Kevin Flaherty, Kai Cruickshank from Scotland, Noah Hartney from Australia, Summer-Marie Moore from South Wales and 5-year-old Karon W De Moura.

The event is designed to encourage groms as they grow into surfing. It’s a super-positive space (kinda like a wave pool lineup) with Barton Lynch often offering sage advice, like he did for Noah Hartney.

“I really enjoyed this edit Noah, the wave pool looked like so much fun and you got a couple sick barrels that you rode really well,” said Barton in the YouTube comments. “Your style is looking great and your forehand hits and wraps are happening, my advice would be to focus on your backhand and when coming off the bottom rotate your chest and shoulders even more than you are, point that front arm and look to where you want to hit and hold that position longer than you are now. This will help you make those turns tighter and get more vertical.”

Surfers in both boys and girls 14 Years and Under (as of December 3rd), from anywhere in the world, can submit video entries shot any time during 2022. These clips can feature a single wave, a single maneuver, or fully edited clips of maximum one minute in length. Deadline for entries is December 22, 2022. You can find out more here.