Foundations go in as Wavegarden tech arrives in Bristol

The Wave in Bristol is starting to take shape as the outline of the wave pool itself is now visible. The next few steps are to pour the concrete, build out the surrounding facilities and install that beautiful wave-making machine.

“Since Christmas, the construction team has been creating the large structural elements including the sides of the lake and the foundations for the central pier area,” said Abby Richardson of The Wave. “They’ve been making great progress and you can now clearly see the shape and depth of the lake.”

Just last week URBNSURF Melbourne made headlines with the announcement of their planned Easter debut. The Wave Bristol won’t give a launch date, saying only that the waves will be rolling through “in a matter of months.”

Early artist’s interpretation of what The Wave Bristol was going to look like.

To that end, one of the most important facets of the design, the engine, showed up this week as six huge trucks arrived from Spain. The load contained the steel devices that will power Wavegarden’s Cove technology.

“We are now moving into the top secret phase, as the technology starts to be installed,” said Richardson. “We won’t be able to share as many photos as we might like to as Wavegarden’s engineers work their magic.”

The crew at the Wave also circled back to those folks who backed them when they first launched five years ago.

“Many of you supported us as part of our Crowdfunder campaign back in 2014,” The Wave said in a statement. “We haven’t forgotten you! We have a record of everyone who pledged for something that needs to be fulfilled when we open The Wave, such as membership or pre-opening surf with friends. We will be in touch over the coming months with more details.”

When the wave pool is up and running they will need an extensive team of workers to make things go smoothly. The Wave put out a call to potential employees. Anyone interested can contact them here

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