Munich wave pool inks major sponsorship deal

German provider of broadband, landline and mobile telecommunications O2 Telefónica signed on as title sponsor for Surftown MUC which will now be called O2 SURFTOWN MUC. In addition to the naming, the partnership also includes the presence of the O2 brand onsite at the surfing facility.

It’s a first for the wave pool space and follows a template similar to America’s baseball and football stadiums. Those sporting facilities use company names in exchange for sponsorship dollars to help offset operation costs.

“As a Munich company, we are proud to be the eponymous partner of this extraordinary project, which will become another landmark for Munich and Bavaria,” said Michael Falkensteiner, Director of Brand & Marketing Communications O2 Telefónica. “The concept is innovative and sustainable, connects people of all surfing levels and makes our ‘o2 can do’ spirit come alive.”

Expected to be the first public-facing Endless Surf wave pool, the official opening of the O2 SURFTOWN MUC is planned for early summer 2024.

The partnership opens up the door for other wave pool projects to partner with companies, much in the same way professional sporting facilities do

“Munich is now regarded as the surfing capital of Germany – even though we are almost 1000 kilometers away from the coastline,” said Chris Boehm-Tettelbach, founder and CEO of SURFTOWN. “With O2 SURFTOWN MUC, we are bringing the sea to Munich and expanding the range of leisure activities in the city of Munich and the region with a new attraction for the whole family.”

Chris added that the surf park will create a sustainable alternative to CO2-intensive trips to the sea.

“We see local surfing as a CO2 footprint-friendly alternative,” said Chris. “An average active German surfer causes about 5.4 tons of CO2 per year and only surfs about 170 waves of different quality. At the O2 SURFTOWN MUC facility, this wave quota will be met in just a few surf sessions for a fraction of the CO2 emissions.”

The wave pool will also implement an arrival and departure bonus system as well as e-bike and car charging stations, a ride-sharing exchange, local and certified suppliers for short supply chains. They will offset much of their energy requirements at the surfing facility and the outbuildings from photovoltaic (solar) Investments. These systems will be used on the property and in local open spaces nearby.

Chris Boehm-Tettelbach, Gründer und CEO von SURFTOWN® und Michael Falkensteiner, Director Brand & Marketing Communications o2 Telefónica
Chris Boehm-Tettelbach, CEO of SURFTOWN® and Michael Falkensteiner of o2 Telefónica

The water supply is also designed in such a way that the groundwater will circulate in combination with the rainwater in a system with its own special treatment plant.

The waves are generated by Endless Surf technology using a pneumatic chamber system that converts pressure into wave energy and can generate waves from 30 cm to more than two meters in height (1 foot to 7 feet). The surf pool will have a surface area of around 10,000 square meters.

O2 SURFTOWN MUC will also include an outdoor fitness area, a children’s playground, a beach area with sunbathing areas and a contemporary restaurant concept.

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